Light Bearing Enigma Express - Instructions

The Light Bearing Enigma Express is for guns with an attached weapon-mounted light (either the x300 or the TLR-1). It comes pre-assembled with our PHLster Floodlight2 holster shell. For Floodlight2 instructions, such as retention adjustment and reholstering help, click here.

Learn how to adjust and wear your Light Bearing PHLster Enigma Express below.  Even though the Express comes fully assembled, you’ll still need to adjust it to fit your body. Most people don’t luck into a perfect fit right out of the box, and it’s totally normal to take some time to get everything just right. You’ll find an overview of all the possible adjustments here, plus instructions, tips and tricks for concealment and comfort. Take some time to experiment with the different adjustments and techniques until you find the best combination of factors for your unique body shape.

Light Bearing Enigma Express Quick Start Guide

Start here with the Light Bearing Express Quick Start Guide. Learn how to put it on, how to use the buckles, how to wear the leg leash, and more. 

For more detailed information on the included Floodlight2 holster, please visit the Floodlight2 instructions page.

IMPORTANT: The Floodlight2 holster requires a specific reholstering technique for best results. Please make sure to watch the demonstration in the Quick Start video. You can find more tips and tricks on the Floodlight2 instructions page.

How To Use the Fidlock Magnetic Buckle

With correct technique, the magnetic buckle on the Enigma Express is very easy to operate. Do not attempt to force the buckle open by pulling straight out. Instead, pull forward on the buckle tab.

If the buckle lands over your hip bone and causes a pressure point, see the adjustments section to learn how to move and adjust it. You can also try the Reduced Size Slider Buckle.

How To Use the Leg Leash

The Enigma Express leg leash holds the holster down when you draw. Proper adjustment is critical to getting a comfortable and secure fit. Watch the first video below to learn how to adjust your leg leash correctly — be sure to try both leg leash routing methods to see which one is better for you. The other videos cover how to shorten the leg leash (for smaller users), how to change your leg leash to a different material, and how to troubleshoot if your leg leash loosens throughout the day.

Having trouble?

For tips, troubleshooting, and safe leg leash alternatives, check out this blog post.


How to properly wear and adjust the PHLster Enigma Express leg leash. Learn the two different routing methods, and how to adjust the leg leash for best results on your body. Whether you’re just starting out with the Enigma, or whether you’re having issues that need troubleshooting, reviewing this video is the best place to start.

Adjustments and Configurations

The Enigma Express can be adjusted several different ways. Check out the video playlist below for details and instructions on each adjustment.


Here’s how to switch the buckle on your Enigma Express from one side of the faceplate to the other side. This is handy if you are carrying extra gear on your Enigma belt, or if you prefer to hold the gun with the other hand while fastening the belt buckle.

How to Install the Sport Belt

Installing the optional Sport Belt accessory on your LB Enigma Express is simple. It takes about five minutes, and requires no tools.  This video shows how to install and adjust the Sport Belt. Note that the Sport Belt adjusts from both sides, so you can easily change the centering of the back pad.

The Sport Belt is an optional Enigma accessory that improves comfort, and helps keep the Enigma belt tension more consistent.

Note that the videos may not show your exact Enigma model. The Sport Belt assembly process is the same for all Express models. Use the slots on your faceplate to install the Sport Belt.

Reduced Size Buckle - Express

If the Fidlock magnetic buckle bothers you, or if you just need extra space on your belt, try the Reduced Size Buckle.

How to Install the Reduced Size Buckle

You can find Instructions for installing the Reduced Size Buckle here.

Modular Wedge Kit

Watch the instruction video to learn how to use the PHLster Modular Wedge Kit. 

We also recommend watching the Poke and Check video and the Concealed Carry Comfort video, found here.

How To Get Good Concealment - A Step-By-Step Guide

Our Concealment Mechanics graphics and videos will walk you through the steps to getting good concealment with your Light Bearing Enigma Express. Most people don’t get perfect concealment right away – it takes some work to dial things in for your unique body shape. You’ll need to experiment with your gun placement, belt tightness, Enigma adjustments, and wedge placement to get your best possible concealment.  

This video series  will walk you through how to find your concealment sweet spot, how to use the Poke and Check method to determine if you need to make adjustments to your LB Express, and how to decide whether you need to add a wedge.  

Once you get past the basics, you can also learn more about the deeper technical and psychological factors that make for good concealment. There’s a lot of information, but you can go at your own pace.


Having trouble? The Light Bearing Enigma Express is a large holster, and is not suitable for everyone. Use this video to determine your Concealment Percentage, which will help inform your choices moving forward. You may also like this video on fabric choices for concealment.

Concealed Carry Comfort

Comfortable concealed carry starts with knowledge rather than gear. Watch this video to identify any comfort issues you might be having, and learn the basic skills for getting comfortable. After watching, you’ll be much better equipped to find solutions that work for your chosen holster, carry position, and body type.

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

•  Are there alternatives to the leg leash?

Can I take the leg leash off?

I don’t like the leg leash material. Can I change it?

•  What if the leg leash is too long. Can I trim it?

•  What if the leg leash prints in leggings?

As a general rule, if your leggings are tight enough to see panty lines, they’re tight enough that your leg leash may show. Adjusting it so it’s in the crease of your buttock will help minimize the visual impact. You can also try the alternative leg leash routing method from the instruction video in the leg leash section above. If you prefer an aftermarket solution, check out the Bumster from Levo Designs.

The correct way to test a holster’s retention is on your body, as worn. Please read this article on how holster retention works, and test your retention as described. Do not test holster retention by shaking the holster upside down.

The Light Bearing Enigma Express with the Floodlight2 holster has two-part adjustable retention. Start by adjusting the shock cord. Then adjust the retention screws as needed. Watch the video here to see how to adjust.


If these steps don’t resolve your issue, you can contact us for help. Before you contact us, though, please make sure you’re testing your holster retention correctly. Thank you!

Because the Floodlight2 is a “universal” fit holster that accommodates a variety of guns, it requires a specific reholstering technique for best results. DO NOT attempt to reholster by fishing the muzzle of your gun into the top of the holster. See the correct technique here.

•  3 Key principles of concealment

•  Finding your concealment sweet spot – Remember that the concealment principles are universal, and all bodies are unique. If your exact body type isn’t shown in the video, you can still use the concealment principles to find your own sweet spot.

•  The “Keel Principle,” and how longer holsters can often be more comfortable and concealable

•  Basic Concealment Mechanics

•  Appendix carry tips for larger folks – abdominal fat distribution and appendix carry

•  Wedges – what is a wedge, and do I need one?

•  Comfortable Concealed Carry Explained – Comfortable concealed carry starts with knowledge rather than gear. Watch this video to identify any comfort issues you might be having, and learn the basic skills for getting comfortable. After watching, you’ll be much better equipped to find solutions that work for your chosen holster, carry position, and body type.

Enigma comfort tips:

The Enigma is a skeleton. You start with the basic bone structure, and then you flesh it out to suit your body shape and your individual comfort needs. Since everyone is different, it takes some experimentation and customization to get the level of comfort and concealment you want.

The Enigma is designed to be a hardcore piece of fighting equipment that can survive extreme scenarios. In order to make it hold up to those demands, we chose materials for strength and rugged durability. The Enigma is designed to be ergonomic and adjustable – but it’s NOT soft.  

Skin comfort is an important factor in overall concealed carry comfort, and that’s why we made the Enigma as open to customization as possible. The easiest way to achieve skin comfort is just to wear an undershirt, camisole, underwear, or a bandeau under your Enigma. However, if you prefer to wear your Enigma directly against the skin with no undergarments, there are a variety of comfort solutions available, from aftermarket covers to sport belts to creative DIY solutions. You can choose whatever mods you need to get to your desired level of skin comfort. Like everything Enigma, expect it to take some experimentation.

•  If the Enigma’s magnetic buckle sits over your hip bone and causes a pressure point, try switching to the reduced size buckle instead.

We welcome you to join the PHLster Concealment Workshop group on Facebook. It’s a large and active community with people from all walks of life. See how other people are wearing their Enigmas, and get inspiration for mods and adjustments. You can see the Enigma in action on people with different body shapes, with different wardrobes.

Do you need extra holster length?*

*If you’re carrying a longer-muzzled gun or a revolver, adding extra holster length may not be necessary for you, but for short semiautomatic guns, it’s often helpful.

Guns with short muzzles can be top-heavy and difficult to conceal comfortably. To solve this, some holsters have extra length added to the muzzle end. Like the keel on a boat, the extra muzzle length helps balance the holster, making it more comfortable and easier to conceal. This is especially true if you have a bit of a belly, which tends to push the grip out more and make the muzzle dig in.

Note that while extra muzzle length reduces grip printing, it can increase muzzle printing, which can be a concern with lower carry positions and tight fitting pants such as leggings or yoga pants. 

Learn more about the Keel Principle here.