How to Install the Reduced Size Buckle

The Reduced Size Buckle kit replaces the Fidlock magnetic buckle that comes with your Enigma. The Reduced Size Buckle is smaller, and many users find it more comfortable than the regular buckle, especially if the buckle lands near their hip bone, or if they are carrying extra gear on their Enigma.

Installing the reduced size buckle is easy. You don’t need any extra hardware or parts, aside from the buckle kit and your Enigma. Make sure to follow the correct instructions for your Enigma model, as there are some important differences!

Usage and Assembly Video

Enigma Express and Light Bearing Express

To install the Reduced Size Buckle on the Enigma Express or Light Bearing Express, you will simply remove the existing Fidlock Buckle from your faceplate (saving the hardware), and insert the Reduced size buckle tab through the faceplate slot. You’ll notice the buckle is slightly curved – make sure it curves toward your body when viewed from the top down. Line up the hole in the faceplate with the hole on the buckle tab. Then reuse the same screw and screw post. Tighten firmly. Remember to regularly check all your Enigma hardware before wearing it!

Enigma OS – Standard and Light Bearing

To install the Reduced Size Buckle on your Enigma OS Standard or OS Light Bearing, you will use the same hardware and assembly instructions as the regular Fidlock buckle – simply replace the Fidlock buckle and buckle capture with the Reduced Size Buckle during assembly. All Enigma assembly instructions are exactly the same; only the buckle is different.

Here’s what your hardware stack will look like:

Do you need extra holster length?*

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