Instructions for installing your new PHLster ARC switch. If you have any questions or need any assistance with the installation process please contact us using the Contact page linked above. 

Snaps, Loops, and Struts

Your new IWB holster came with a tuckable strut and soft loop to provide secure concealment in a variety of contexts. The performance and longevity of your holster depends on the proper adjustment of these IWB holster components. Please be sure to make the necessary adjustments described in this video.

My Holster Feels Too Tight

Getting the best performance out of your IWB concealment holster requires proper adjustment, a decent belt, and a good draw. Make sure to check out this video if your holster seems to be tighter than you expected. Keep in mind, this video is not a substitute for training. We expect you to obey all the firearms safety rules and seek professional concealed carry training.

How to Flat-Fold a SOFT-T Wide TQ

Your new Flatpack is designed to carry a combat tourniquet when it's been compactly flat-folded. While a TCCC recommended tourniquet may seem bulky right out of its shrink wrap, it can be configured for slim, low-profile, and even concealed carry. Check out this video on how to fold your Tactical Medical Solutions SOFTT-Wide TQ for use with the Flatpack.

Flat Folding the CAT 7

The North American Rescue CAT tourniquet is a little larger than the SOFTT-W, but that doesn't mean it can't be packaged compactly. As a TCCC recommended tourniquet, it's still a top choice for carry on a duty belt or on the outside of a trauma kit. Follow these instructions to fit your CAT tourniquet into your Flatpack.