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Differences Between Enigma Models – Express vs Standard vs Light Bearing

Which of the three Enigma models do you need?

Time-saving tip: If we make the Express for your firearm, save yourself a lot of trouble and get the Express. Read on for more details about the differences between the Enigma models.

Visit the Enigma landing page to learn how the Enigma works and why it’s cool.

Enigma Express

The Enigma Express is the easiest Enigma to use. It conceals great and adjusts to your body. It’s a beginner-friendly option with high performance capability. The Express is only available for a select few guns.

  • Comes with everything you need to get started, including the holster shell.
  • Fully assembled and ready to wear (excluding sport belt upgrade)
  • Rugged design and high tech materials
  • Adjustable grip rotation and slide tuck
  • Right and left handed models
  • Not compatible with comps, muzzle devices, threaded barrels, weapon-mounted lights, or lasers
  • Not recommended for use with other manufacturer’s shells (you need the Standard Enigma for that)

Standard Engima

If we don’t make an Express for your gun, you can use the standard Enigma with a compatible holster shell. The standard Enigma is best for enthusiasts and tinkerers. If you’re mechanically inclined, detail oriented, and enjoy projects, the standard Enigma will be great for you.

  • Does NOT include a holster shell. You must source your own compatible shell using the fit guide.
  • Works with many other manufacturer’s holster shells
  • Comes in pieces – you assemble it yourself using the instruction videos
  • Requires careful attention to assembly and adjustment instructions – details matter
  • Rugged, high performance design and materials
  • Wide range of adjustment to accommodate other manufacturer’s shells
  • Works with a wider range of different guns
  • Ambidextrous – assemble it right or left handed
  • Accommodates special needs – like holster shells that are longer, have molded-in wedges, accommodate comps and threaded barrels, etc.
  • Not compatible with lights or lasers

Light Bearing Enigma

The light bearing Enigma is for guns with a light or laser attached below the trigger guard. Like the standard Enigma, the Light Bearing Enigma is best for enthusiasts and tinkerers.

  • Does NOT include a holster shell. Make sure you have a compatible shell in your hand BEFORE buying the LBE, because shells for some gun/light combos are difficult or impossible to find
  • Comes in pieces – you assemble using the video instructions
  • Ambidextrous – assemble it right or left handed
  • Rugged, high performance design and materials
  • Good concealment, but keep your expectations reasonable. Adding a light generally makes the holster footprint wider and longer, and can make it more difficult to conceal.

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