At PHLster, education has always been our mission. We started in 2010 by sharing how to make DIY Kydex holsters on YouTube, back when that information wasn’t widely available. Not everyone wanted to make their own holsters, of course, so it wasn’t long before we had a backlog of custom holster commissions. From there, we began standardizing our selection of unique holster designs.

As PHLster grew, our designs evolved rapidly. Nothing remained static as we looked for better ways to conceal and comfortably carry a pistol, and gained a deeper understanding of the Concealment Mechanics required to do so across a variety of body types and clothing styles. Trying bold new things on a continual basis turned PHLster from a normal holster company into a concealment technology company.

This means that you’re going to see some things here which you won’t find anywhere else. In order to bring new concepts, designs, and executions to market quickly and regularly, we don’t offer the widest variety of gun fits. If we offered a holster for every variety of pistol, we unfortunately wouldn’t be able to stay on the cutting edge of holster technology. What you’ll find here, however, are the absolute most advanced concealment solutions for the top most popular and reliable carry pistols. And if we don’t make a holster specifically for your pistol, our universal solutions like the Floodlight2 and Enigma OS models are as uncompromising, high-performance, and adaptable as possible.

While we might not have a holster for everyone, our industry-leading learning resources ARE for everyone. At PHLster, we are continuing our educational mission by helping tens of thousands of people successfully and comfortably carry concealed. You can find us online on our YouTube channel and in the PHLster Concealment Workshop. And in person at Rangemaster Tactical Conference, A Girl and a Gun National Conference, and Active Self Protection National Conference. Forget about trial and error, struggling to find what “works for you,” or hopelessly buying gear until you luck into something you can stand to carry. Now, you can apply proven fundamentals, easy self-assessments, and techniques which work for everyone and save the money and frustration typically associated with learning to carry concealed. And these resources are free to everyone, whether or not you’re using a PHLster product.

Thank you for visiting! And many thanks to our loyal customers for your years of support and enthusiasm.

Jon & Sarah Hauptman and the entire PHLster team.

Do you need extra holster length?*

*If you’re carrying a longer-muzzled gun or a revolver, adding extra holster length may not be necessary for you, but for short semiautomatic guns, it’s often helpful.

Guns with short muzzles can be top-heavy and difficult to conceal comfortably. To solve this, some holsters have extra length added to the muzzle end. Like the keel on a boat, the extra muzzle length helps balance the holster, making it more comfortable and easier to conceal. This is especially true if you have a bit of a belly, which tends to push the grip out more and make the muzzle dig in.

Note that while extra muzzle length reduces grip printing, it can increase muzzle printing, which can be a concern with lower carry positions and tight fitting pants such as leggings or yoga pants. 

Learn more about the Keel Principle here.