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How To Make a Paracord Leg Leash

There are countless ways to customize the Enigma and make it your own. One of the most popular is the paracord leg leash. This mod allows you to create custom leg leashes in any length, in any color of the rainbow.

Materials needed:

  • 4-5 ft of 550 paracord
  • Two 6mm bra strap sliders
  • One ⅜ quick release buckle


Measure or dry fit the paracord around your upper thigh, measuring up to the height where you wear your gun.  Add about 1-2 ft for adjustment.  Cut paracord to length.

Remove the core from the paracord and discard.  Pinch the paracord between your fingers and draw it through to help flatten it.

Melt the ends with a lighter; press flat while still warm (use gloves to avoid burning yourself).

At one end of the paracord, make a loop and stitch it closed.  Make sure the loop is large enough that you can pass the buckle through when complete.

Thread on the first slider.  Then thread on the female end of the buckle.  Loop the free end of the paracord back through the slider as shown. Snug the buckle up to the slider.

Thread on the second slider, then the male buckle, then pass the free end back through the second slider as shown.  Make sure the cut end is on the inside of the loop to prevent skin irritation when worn.

Stitch the loop closed around the slider.

Done!  Attach the top loop to the faceplate with a girth hitch, just like the standard leg leash.  Adjust the garter drop height at the first slider.  Then adjust the thigh circumference at the second slider. (Leg leash adjustment video.)

Sample materials:

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