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PHLster Enigma Express – Diagram

Here are the parts of the PHLster Enigma Express. The Express comes assembled, with a holster shell included.

We refer to the “grip” or “slide” side of the gun when discussing printing. For example, if the grip of your gun is printing, changing your eMod wing insert may help tuck it in more. If the slide side of your gun is printing, adding a wedge might help.

PHLster Enigma Express parts.


  1. Amanda Cravens

    I would really like this belt but I don’t see a holster option for my gun. Can I get a different skeleton holster that fits my gun for the enigma belt?

    1. MasterStudent

      Amanda, you can get the Standard or Light Bearing Enigma instead. You’ll just need to purchase your own holster to attach to it so make sure the one you get is compatible.
      How To Find an Enigma Compatible Holster:
      – Standard Enigma |
      – Light Bearing Enigma |

      They also have a little questionnaire to help you decide which one is right for you here:

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