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What To Do With the Extra Enigma Belt or Leg Leash Material

Once you’re 100% sure you’ve got your Enigma belt or leg leash fully adjusted the way you want it, you can trim the excess tail as needed (leave at least 6-8″ of extra belt) and sear it with a lighter to prevent fraying. Make sure to leave plenty of extra slack in case your weight fluctuates, in case you want to try the shorter reduced size belt buckle, or in case you want to wear your Enigma at a different ride height or position. For instructions on how to trim the leg leash, please watch this video.

Rather not cut your Enigma belt? Here are the top 5 user suggestions for what to do with the extra material.

  • Use a triglide to capture the extra belt material. These can be found by searching “1.5 inch triglide” on Strapworks, Amazon or similar
  • Use a hair tie as a keeper
  • Buy a purpose-built 1.5″ belt keeper on Amazon or similar
  • Use a piece of Velcro OneWrap as a keeper
  • If you’re using a Levo Designs Papoose, tuck the extra belt into the sleeve of the Papoose.
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