Reduced Sized Buckle kit


A small slider buckle that replaces the quick connect magnetic buckle on the Standard Enigma.
  • Reduces buckle span by 3″
  • Recommended for smaller users (30″ waist or below)
  • Takes up less space, allowing you to accommodate additional gear items
  • Attaches with the original hardware included in the Enigma hardware kit
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The Reduced Sized Buckle kit is an Enigma optimization for users with a sub 30 inch waist, or for those who want to reduce the span of the buckle in order to accommodate additional gear items. This steel slider buckle eliminates the quick-connect feature of the Fidlock Magnetic Buckle in favor of a 3 inch reduction in buckle span. If you find the Fidlock buckle sits over your hip bone and causes discomfort, this shorter buckle can help.
Use the original screw, finish washer, neoprene spacer, and post, included in the Enigma hardware kit, to attach the Reduced Sized Buckle to the Enigma faceplate.  NOT compatible with the Enigma Express.

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Weight 0.125 lbs

2 reviews for Reduced Sized Buckle kit

  1. dullbowie12 (verified owner)

    A necessity for small framed folks. When the Enigma finally came back in stock and I could grab one, this buckle kit was out of stock- so I paid about $17 including shipping buying it separately after the fact, which feels like a lot. The magnetic fidlock is easy and silent to use, it just doesn’t really fit on my body. This reduced buckle is functional, keeps its hold, and like I said, is a necessity (for me,) but it’s loud and jangly whenever the belt isn’t tightened around you. With wishful thinking, it’d just come as an extra accessory in the bag with the Enigma itself, but I’m happy it’s an option at all anyhow.

    Cons: less discreet getting it on/off, bit expensive, couldn’t get at same time as chassis itself
    Pros: doesn’t loosen up over the day, makes chassis significantly more useable for someone my size (00) or anyone else who might be disrupted by a 3-inch buckle

  2. thatnahr (verified owner)

    I completely agree with the other review: “a necessity for small framed folks.” For reference, I’m a very lean, 5’8″ male with <28" waist, and with the standard magnetic buckle the Enigma was uncomfortable. The reduced size buckle instantly helped with both comfort and concealment. A warning: if you cut the belt to size for the magnetic buckle, you might not have enough length for use with the reduced buckle. I made this mistake and Jon graciously helped me out with a new belt.

    Pros: Better comfort, better concealment
    Cons (reasons for not giving 5 stars): Separate cost from Enigma (should be included, or included with a slight charge, but as it is it's kind of an expensive accessory for how necessary it is for some people), the middle crossbar falls out sometimes (for me, most often when taking the Enigma off), harder than the magnetic buckle to get on and off (still easy, though), need to have a longer belt length to make it easy to get on (some extra slack helps with feeding it through the buckle), harder to tighten down than standard buckle (and you will have to tighten it down every time you put it on)

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