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All of PHLster’s available resources in one place!

All relevant LBE videos in one place LBE holster fit guide and brand recommendations Full Light Bearing Enigma assembly video and full written instructions here Enigma Safety-MUST READ Video: How do I use it? Written resource: How do I use it?  Video: What do I need for assembly? Written resource: What do I need for assembly?  Video: […]

What holster(s) are compatible with the Enigma Express?

Bottom line up front: Our Skeleton holster is the only holster compatible with the Enigma Express. We know that this can be a bit confusing, because both the Standard and Light Bearing Enigmas can be used with any compatible holster, but the Express can only be used with our Skeleton holster. Why can’t I use […]

What is a wedge? Do I need a wedge?

What is a wedge? A wedge acts as a fulcrum that rests between your body and your holster, and is usually secured with velcro. The wedge acts as a pivoting point, much like the base of a teeter totter. A wedge can be made out of a number of different materials such as kydex or […]

Enigma Express: What does it come with?

The Enigma Express comes to you fully assembled with one of our Skeleton Holsters. Below is everything that will come with your Express order.

Enigma Express: How do I use it? Next you will want to determine what ride height and gun placement is best for you. You can do this by using the Poke and Check Method. The goal with placement is to find the balance between comfort, mobility, and concealment. Everyone’s body has natural peaks and valleys. Try to avoid putting your gun […]

Enigma Express: Why is it made like this?

The Enigma Express is unlike either of our other Enigmas because it comes entirely assembled WITH a holster. Holster Our Skeleton Holster was designed with the Enigma in mind. It has no clip blocking, and is ultra low profile. This is also a fixed retention holster, which allows us to firmly secure the holster to […]

Enigma Express: What is it?

The Enigma is a chassis system that is worn separate from your pants, and goes with any type of clothing. Unlike our Standard Enigma and Light Bearing Enigma, the Express comes fully assembled with one of our Skeleton holsters. Though it comes to you assembled, you will still need to make custom belt and leg […]

Standard Enigma: What do I need for assembly?

Since the Standard Enigma does not come preassembled you will need 2 tools to go through your customization and set up process: a screwdriver and a set of pliers. If you have vice grip pliers, these would be preferable, but a simple set of pliers should do the trick. We also recommend that our customers […]

Standard Enigma: What comes with my order?

The Standard Enigma comes to you completely disassembled WITHOUT a holster. It is up to the customer to find a compatible Holster, please see out Holster Fit Guide to learn more. Your Standard Enigma comes to you with everything below: Helpful Links: Standard Enigma Holster Fit Guide Standard Enigma Academy

Standard Enigma: How do I use it?

The Standard Enigma comes to you in pieces so that you can customize your perfect fit. Once you have attached Enigmas faceplate to the Modwing, Raven Wing, or Dark Wing on your holster, you can start trying 2 of the 12 adjustment holes on your faceplate. We encourage new Enigma users to start with R2 […]