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How to go to the Bathroom with your Gun | PHLster Enigma

Going to the restroom is simple and safe with the Enigma and in this video we show you why!

If you’re wearing underwear that are high waisted enough for your Enigma belt to be resting over them:

  • In this case you’ll want to start by unbuckling your leg leash
  • Then bring your enigma up higher on your waist
  • Now retighten your belt to secure the Enigma out of the way
  • I’d suggest tucking the tail of your leg leash into the belt or a pocket so that you can do your business without having to worry about your leg leash taking a swim

If your underwear doesn’t interact with the Enigma belt:

  • You can simply leave the Enigma in place
  • Unsnap, stow your leg leash, and do your thing 
We don’t recommend removing your entire Enigma, one of the benefits of using the Enigma is that it’s divorced from your pants, so there’s no need to remove it in the restroom.
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