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All of PHLster’s available resources in one place!

All relevant LBE videos in one place LBE holster fit guide and brand recommendations Full Light Bearing Enigma assembly video and full written instructions here Enigma Safety-MUST READ Video: How do I use it? Written resource: How do I use it?  Video: What do I need for assembly? Written resource: What do I need for assembly?  Video: […]

Man and woman demonstrating handgun concealment techniques

Concealment Tuneup

Use your phone or tablet to navigate to: This page accompanies the PHLster Holsters Concealment Tuneup class. Follow along with the class presentation, or refer back to this page as a memory aid and resource. While this page is public, it’s not really designed for standalone teaching, so if you’d like to share this […]

What is Printing?

Printing is when the outline of your gun shows through your clothing. It may look like an obvious gun, or it may be more subtle, like a corner poking out where your shirt should be smooth, or a lopsided shape that disrupts your silhouette. Even if it’s not obviously gun shaped, printing can make people […]

PHLster Enigma Instructions

Choose your PHLster Enigma model to find instructions on how to assemble it and how to adjust it. You can also find helpful info about how to wear your Enigma, how to adjust the leg leash, how to get comfortable with it, tips and tricks for success, troubleshooting, and much more.

7 Reasons NOT to Buy the PHLster Enigma

After seeing thousands of people work through the process of getting better concealment, I’ve got a pretty good radar for the factors that predict a struggle with the PHLster Enigma. Concealed carry is a highly personal, individual experience, and what works for one person won’t work for all.

What is a wedge? Do I need a wedge?

What is a wedge? A wedge acts as a fulcrum that rests between your body and your holster, and is usually secured with velcro. The wedge acts as a pivoting point, much like the base of a teeter totter. A wedge can be made out of a number of different materials such as kydex or […]

I Just Can’t Get It To Work – Leg Leash Alternatives?

While the standard leg leash works across a wide range of shapes and sizes, no one product will be perfect for everyone. If you’re having trouble with the leg leash, first watch the entire instruction video, paying careful attention to the adjustment instructions, and try both of the routing methods shown. Proper adjustment solves the […]

What To Do With the Extra Enigma Belt or Leg Leash Material

Once you’re 100% sure you’ve got your Enigma belt or leg leash fully adjusted the way you want it, you can trim the excess tail as needed (leave at least 6-8″ of extra belt) and sear it with a lighter to prevent fraying. Make sure to leave plenty of extra slack in case your weight […]

Light Bearing Enigma – Is Your Holster Shorter Than the Faceplate?

The LBE was designed for the Floodlight holster, which accommodates full size lights and duty-sized weapons. If your holster shell is smaller than the floodlight, the leg leash attachment point may stick out past the shell, which can make it dig into your thigh when seated. When using the LBE with a smaller shell, you […]

Light Bearing Enigma: How do I use it?

The LBE comes to you in pieces so that you can customize your perfect fit. Once you have attached Enigma’s faceplate to the face of your holster using the four screw attachments, you can start trying 2 of the 8 adjustment holes. We encourage new Enigma users to start with R2 and L2. From there […]