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Pro Series vs. Skeleton Holster | Which one should I get?

In this post we will talk about the differences between the Pro Series and the Skeleton Holster, and why one of them may be more conducive to your lifestyle and concealment needs than the other.

Pro Series Holster:

The Pro Series comes with a built in wedge, multiple clip attachment points, additional holster length (here’s why), fixed retention, open rounded muzzle for longer guns/aftermarket addition that extend the barrel, and is ambidextrous. 

Skeleton Holster:

This holster has a more simple and minimalistic design. The Skeleton has no clip blocking, has fixed retention, and a rounded muzzle to allow even more comfort, but note that this holster cannot accommodate for accessories that extend the length of the barrel.

Which one is right for YOU?

Since the Pro Series has a built in wedge on both sides of the holster it has a higher profile than the Skeleton. Now, this profile serves a purpose, the wedge is there to aid in both comfort and concealment. Specifically, it helps prevent hot spots, especially when seated, and helps to further tuck the grip and top of the slide into the body. Depending on your gun selection, the Pro Series may be longer in order to prevent the gun from tipping away from the body. For example, if you plan to use a P365, the Pro Series holster will be closer to the P365XL length. You’ll want to note that certain clothing types can cause some amount of below the belt printing when paired with the Pro Series, such as tight fitting pants or leggings. If you know you enjoy using a wedge, and already know that below the belt printing is not an issue when using a wedge, you might prefer the Pro Series holster. 
If you’re looking for a more low profile design with a rounded more flush fitting muzzle then you may prefer the Skeleton, but you’ll want to note that Skeleton is just shy of flush fitting to the muzzle. For users who tend to wear tight athletic clothing, or fitted pants, we would recommend the Skeleton Holster over the Pro Series. If you plan to use your holster with the enigma you’ll want to note that due to the way that the enigma interacts with the body, and the holster, there isn’t as much need for additional holster length to accomplish the same amount of keel.

Learning more about the Keel Principle HERE.

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