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Man and woman demonstrating handgun concealment techniques

Concealment Tuneup

Use your phone or tablet to navigate to: This page accompanies the PHLster Holsters Concealment Tuneup class. Follow along with the class presentation, or refer back to this page as a memory aid and resource. While this page is public, it’s not really designed for standalone teaching, so if you’d like to share this […]

Standard PHLster Enigma – Instructions

Learn how to assemble, adjust, and wear your Standard PHLster Enigma. You’ll find an overview of all the possible adjustments, plus tips and tricks for concealment and concealed carry comfort.

PHLster Enigma Express Instructions

Learn how to adjust and wear your PHLster Enigma Express. Start with the Quick Start Guide, and then you can get deeper into different aspects of concealed carry with the Enigma Express.

The Three KEY Principles to Understanding Concealment

Concealment is made up of three KEY principles: Grip tuck, slide tuck, and body placement paired with fabric drape. In this post we will discuss each of those principles, what they mean and how to apply them. I want to lay out why concealing a gun can be a challenge in the first place.  All […]

Light Bearing vs. Standard Enigma | Which one is right for me?

Both the Standard and LB Enigma come to you completely taken apart and without a holster, but they come with very different design features that you’ll want to understand before making your purchase. Light Bearing Enigma: The Light Bearing Enigma is designed to accommodate the weight and dimensions of a gun paired with a weapon […]

PHLster Pro Holster vs. Skeleton Holster | Which one should I get?

In this post we will talk about the differences between the PHLster Pro Holster and the Skeleton Holster, and why one of them may be more conducive to your lifestyle and concealment needs than the other.   PHLster Pro Holster Holster: The PHLster Pro Holster comes with a built in wedge, multiple clip attachment points, […]

Finding your Concealment Sweet Spot

There are three key components to concealment that all work together to produce the desired result: getting enough grip tuck, grip rotation and finding your sweet spot. In this post we will go over a few different body types and discover their concealment sweet spot.  “This model has a rounded peak on his lower torso […]

Leg Leash Buckle Popping Off? Here’s Why

The Enigma leg leash clasp has a break-free point. This is a safety feature in the context of very extreme grappling and gun-grabs. (Use your imagination about why.)  The leg leash provides a backup redundancy to the normal Enigma belt tension, since the pressure between the belt and the body can change if you’re in […]