PHLster Pro Series Holster
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PHLster Pro Series Holster

From: $79.99

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In 2016, the PHLster Classic lead the way in integrating organic forms into a molded holster. Continuing on that path, the PHLster Pro Series takes further steps to blend the shape of the gun into an organic and ergonomic form. The increased smooth surface area reduces hotspots and ensures that the typical holster trouble spots are fully radiused and rounded for maximum comfort for both AIWB and behind-the-hip carry. The fully rounded muzzle improves all-day comfort during extended periods of driving or sitting. This ergonomic feature is angled and tapered to aid in concealment for both appendix carry and hip carry, an industry first. The increased smooth contact patch doesn’t just dissipate the acute discomfort of carrying a gun, it’s also a great place to add your own foam wedges, making the holster truly yours. The Pro Series can also accept any IWB holster hardware available, allowing the user to optimize their holster for any carry position, with cant angle and ride height adjustment, and for right or left handed carry. It also remains compatible with the PHLster Flex system. 

The Pro Series comes standard with a pair of adjustable IWB loops and an adjustable ModWing to reduce printing. Add a TuckStrut, a pair of Grip Hooks, and a Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock Clip for increased versatility and customization.

The Pro Series is compatible with optics, suppressor sights, threaded barrels, and Gen5 Glocks.

At launch, compatible fits are 9mm/40 Glock (26-34), G43/43x/48, and Sig P320 (all models except .45 and SubCompact). 


5 reviews for PHLster Pro Series Holster

  1. desimone.joe (verified owner)

    Holster perfection. This is a significant improvement over the previous iteration of PHLster holsters from a comfort perspective. The widened bump/wedge on the holster’s keel (muzzle end) is superior to the “teardrop” style bump/wedge on the Classic or Spotlight models. I run this holster with just one soft loop rather than two so that it’s free to move just a little bit when I’m seated. Doing so does not affect my draw whatsoever. If this same revision is made to the Spotlight model (G17/19), I’ll buy one of those on release day too! [wink, wink, hint, hint] Another innovative, high quality product from PHLster.

  2. Ronan Ireland (verified owner)

    I’ve only been carrying with this holster a few days. I have it setup with the tuckstrut to mimic my phlster classic so that it can sit closer to the leg than when using a modwing or Dark wing. The difference in concealment is small, but I’ve noticed a definite improvement in comfort especially while seated/driving and over long periods of time. The retention is pretty tight so I’ve had to compensate with tightening my belt a little more until the holster breaks in. When I would really tighten up on the classic I’d notice a little more pressure/discomfort at the wedge than the pro. There’s definitely a sweet spot with the pro and classic but you can really crank down the belt on the pro and not feel much discomfort or any at all. If this thing came in a g34 length and if you could pick between orange and black all my wishes would be granted.

  3. Dave (verified owner)

    Best holster I’ve used yet. Very stable and comfortable for a G48 in AIWB. The widened bulge at the muzzle end makes all the difference. I use one soft loop and it’s awesome.

  4. cjasonharper (verified owner)

    The PRO alleviates all the issues that can occur with a design that has in-mold wedges and offsets. This is the most comfortable AIWB holster I’ve owned, especially while seated. I’m still playing with ride height a bit to optimize concealment and comfort, but the options are available without sacrificing ergonomics or function.
    The DCC Monoblock holds secure as expected and eliminates the (for me) unwanted holster cant that happens during everyday movement. If you have a Glock, you need a PRO series.

  5. Ben Irwin (verified owner)

    I have only had this for about a week. Very comfortable, very concealable. There is plenty of adjustment which allows one to better conceal a larger firearm. The rounded bottom end is comfortable and aids in concealment. Purchased the monobloc which has been very nice but I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely necessary. The pull the tab attachment works well also. I would recommend this holster.

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