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What’s Up With the Enigma Leg Leash?

The Enigma leg leash fastens around the upper thigh with a quick-release safety buckle.  The purpose of the leg leash is to hold the holster down when you draw.  Since the Enigma uses a kydex holster with retention, the leg leash is necessary to oppose that retention, keeping the holster in place and stable through […]

Enigma Leg Leash Adjustment – Beyond the Basics

A more in-depth look at leg leash adjustment. This addresses a couple of questions we’ve had lately, and will help with some of the common initial adjustment issues if you’re new to the Enigma platform. Please note, this is for the original leg leash buckle. If you have the updated leg leash, please click here […]

Leg Leash Buckle Popping Off? Here’s Why

The Enigma leg leash clasp has a break-free point. This is a safety feature in the context of very extreme grappling and gun-grabs. (Use your imagination about why.)  The leg leash provides a backup redundancy to the normal Enigma belt tension, since the pressure between the belt and the body can change if you’re in […]

Enigma – Care and Maintenance

Do not expose your Enigma or holster shell to high heat. Protect your Enigma faceplate from abrasion. While the Enigma faceplate is flexible, do not allow it to flex more than 90 degrees, and do not allow it to crease or fold. Regularly inspect your Enigma, holster, and hardware.  Make sure your hardware is tight. […]