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What’s Up With the Enigma Leg Leash?

The Enigma leg leash fastens around the upper thigh with a quick-release safety buckle.  The purpose of the leg leash is to hold the holster down when you draw.  Since the Enigma uses a kydex holster with retention, the leg leash is necessary to oppose that retention, keeping the holster in place and stable through the draw cycle. The leg leash allows for a clean, fast, and consistent draw without interference, unlike other retention methods such as straps that go over the gun.

When not drawing, the leg leash is neutral, and has no action.  When adjusted properly, it is very comfortable, and most users forget it’s there.  See the next step in this guide for adjustment instructions.  Proper adjustment is crucial for best performance.  

Your leg leash should go around the top of your thigh, about as snug as a pair of briefs would be.  You want it snug enough to stay in place, but not so tight it’s uncomfortable.  For most body types, the leg leash should be high in the front, and lay in the buttock crease in back.  With proper adjustment, you should be able to do squats, lunges, and go through a full range of motion without the leg leash pulling.  

SIZING:  The leg leash thigh circumference adjusts from about 20” to 36” with the garter at the minimum length.  Since the leg leash is all one piece, a longer garter drop will subtract from the thigh circumference.  For extended sizing, or for custom leg leash designs, contact Levo Designs.

Can I Remove the Leg Leash?

Short answer, no.  We do not recommend using the Enigma without the leg leash. It’s a bit like a seat belt: you may not need it every time you hit the brakes, but when you need it, you need it.  

While belt tightness alone may seem like enough resistance for a clean draw, the abdomen can change dimensions when sitting, lying down, or strenuously fighting. This can lead to unexpected belt rise and a fouled draw.  

If you’re having trouble with the leg leash, first see the adjustment guide.  If those steps don’t resolve your issue, we recommend looking at one of the custom leg leash mods from Levo Designs.  They offer extended sizing, and different buckle options that may be helpful for users who have trouble using the standard leg leash buckle.  These custom leg leashes are especially helpful for users with arthritis, nerve damage, or artificial nails.

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