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PHLster Enigma (Standard)

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Note: Shade and texture of Enigma faceplate and related components are subject to variation.

Learn what the Standard Enigma comes with and how it works.

  • The Standard Enigma comes disassembled, and includes:
    • Standard Enigma faceplate
    • Nylon Belt
    • Buckle capture
    • Fidlock magnetic buckle
    • Leg Leash
    • Hardware kit
  • The Standard Enigma is compatible with kydex holster shells from several other manufacturers, but not all shells are Enigma-compatible. To find recommended brands and compatibility requirements, proceed to the next page, or read the Fit Guide.
  • The Standard Enigma is compatible with a variety of optional Enigma accessories and upgrades.
  • Can you switch holsters on the Standard Enigma?
    • While the Standard and Light Bearing Enigmas can technically be used with multiple holsters, we don’t recommend frequent switching. Any screws that don’t come with thread locker should have user-applied thread locker for final installation after you’ve made your adjustments (different guns will require different adjustments). Repeated disassembly substantially increases maintenance requirements. It’s like switching scopes or optics every time you go to the range. It’s better for the hardware, and for your sanity, to get your Enigma really dialed in and optimized once, and then left more or less alone.

      If you’re set on frequent holster switching on your Standard or Light Bearing Enigma, make sure to have plenty of spare hardware kits handy and memorize the instructions.


Each Enigma comes with a simple nylon belt and a locking magnetic buckle. You can add optional belt and buckle accessories, but it will always come with the standard belt and buckle included.


The Enigma faceplate is made from Tegris, a thin and strong material that we have shaped to help conceal a gun with no extra bulk or weight.


It comes with a nylon leg leash that allows you to draw your firearm without the holster moving up as you draw. Our patent-pending low-profile leg leash buckle comes standard.


How to Conceal

  • Follow the steps in this video series to get good concealment.
  • You can find instructions for making changes or adjustments to your Standard Enigma in the video guides here.