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The PHLster Enigma is a modular concealment system that works with a kydex holster shell. Your Enigma purchase includes a low-profile belt system and a specially designed faceplate. You’ll need to mount a separate kydex holster shell to the faceplate. 

The Enigma works with a variety of holster shells, but not all shells are Enigma compatible. How do you know if your shell will fit? Read the fit guide below, or click on one of the frequently asked questions.


The Enigma faceplate mounts through the concealment wing of your holster. Therefore, your holster shell must have the correct type of wing and the correct mounting points to be compatible, plus a few extra considerations.

  1. It needs two mounting holes directly below the trigger guard, spaced exactly ⅝” apart from center to center. 
  2. It must have enough space to mount a Modwing, Dark Wing, or Raven Wing (see pic).
  3. It must have enough clearance between the top of the wing and the grip of your gun so you can get your hand on the grip (see pic). 
  4. It can have either fixed or adjustable retention (fixed retention is easier to mount to the Enigma faceplate).
  5. It cannot be a light-bearing, hybrid, or sidecar style holster.

To find out if your holster shell is Enigma compatible, check the picture series, and then compare your holster. First, does your holster have one of the three concealment wings shown? Some manufacturers use different names for these wings, but the wings must look EXACTLY like the picture, with the exact hole spacing specified.

If your holster does not already have a wing attached, check to see if it can accept one. Does it have two mounting holes beneath the trigger guard? Are they exactly ⅝” apart? Does it look like there’s enough room to mount one of the wings shown? Make sure the mounting holes aren’t too close to the edge, or crowded too close to the curved part of the shell.

Next, check your grip clearance. The top of the Enigma faceplate comes up to the same level as the top of the concealment wing. That gives you a rough idea of how high the Enigma faceplate will sit on your gun. Do you have enough room to get your fingers on the grip without hitting the wing?

Finally, take a look at your holster’s retention. Is it fixed retention, or adjustable? Fixed retention holsters are easier to mount to the Enigma faceplate, but adjustable retention holsters will still work. If you have an adjustable retention holster, take a look at the Enigma assembly video to see the two options for installing adjustable retention holsters. You may have to experiment with both to see which works better for you. 

My holster is not compatible. Where can I find a compatible shell?


No, it will not work with the standard Enigma. Light-bearing holsters use different construction that is not compatible with the standard Enigma faceplate. Do not attempt to mount a light bearing holster to the standard Enigma faceplate. Do not attempt to modify your holster or Enigma.  Keep an eye out for our new Light Bearing Enigma, coming soon! Join the Light Bearing Enigma wait list. 

It will not work with the Enigma system. Even if your sidecar holster has a compatible concealment wing, it will not work with the Enigma due to the balance point of the wing mount. Do not attempt to use a sidecar holster with the Enigma. Do not attempt to modify your holster, or your Enigma, to fit a sidecar holster.

It will not work with the Enigma system. To use your holster with the Enigma, it must have a full kydex shell.

It may work with the Enigma. Check the fit guide to be sure, as there are several factors to consider.

It may work with the Enigma (see the fit guide for details), but it will require you to purchase and add a ModWing or Dark Wing.

Probably not, but check the fit guide to be sure. If the holster and wing both have two holes with ⅝” spacing, it might work, as long as it meets all the other requirements.

No. DO NOT attempt to modify your holster shell to fit the Enigma. DO NOT attempt to modify the Enigma faceplate to fit your holster shell. This voids the warranty, weakens the materials, and could lead to a dangerous failure. DO NOT drill through the Enigma faceplate. DO NOT drill extra holes in your holster shell.

Please don’t take any chances with your safety. If your holster shell is not Enigma compatible, get a new shell. Check out our recommended brands, or make a post in the PHLster Concealment Workshop Facebook group asking for a recommendation.

All new non-light-bearing IWB (inside the waistband) PHLster holster shells are compatible with the standard Enigma faceplate. Older PHLster IWB shells are also compatible, but may require the addition of a ModWing or a Dark Wing, if they don’t already have one attached.

Before buying a new shell for the Engima, check the Fit Guide, and make sure to choose a shell that meets all the Enigma requirements (don’t forget to add the wing if the holster doesn’t come standard with it). Recommended brands include: Henry Holsters, Dark Star Gear, JM Custom Kydex, Eclipse Holsters, LAS Concealment, and many more. Ask your favorite brand if they’re Enigma compatible.

We do not guarantee compatibility with any other brands. The recommended brands listed above have been used successfully with the Enigma system, but your results may vary due to factors beyond our control. The holster market is huge and constantly evolving, and while we do our best to help you find a match, we cannot control what other manufacturers do.

For more help, join our user group on facebook: PHLster Concealment Workshop. 

You must use a holster which encloses the slide of the gun. A holster which does not fully capture the slide of the gun can allow the gun to be dislodged from the trigger guard/trigger clip style holster when used with the Enigma. A conventional belt and conventional belt attachment provides a different amount of “give” and forgiveness when using a minimalist trigger-guard-only style holster. The Enigma is more stable and some impacts and bumps might knock a pistol out of a trigger-guard-only minimalist holster, since the small trigger guard portion no longer moves and twists with the gun when it’s restrained by the Enigma system. 
Also, minimalist trigger-guard-only style holsters required that the holster be removed from the pants and placed on the gun prior to re-holstering. Attaching that to the Enigma makes that a difficult and inconvenient process to accomplish while also handing a firearm.