Can You Use Multiple Holsters on One Enigma?

That depends on your Enigma model. Check the info below for your model.

Enigma Express and Light Bearing Express

We designed the Enigma Express to work with our Skeleton holsters only – click here to learn why.

The Enigma Express Light Bearing is designed to work only  with the PHLster Floodlight2 holster.

Enigma OS – Standard and Light Bearing 

The Standard and Light Bearing Enigma OS faceplates were designed with extra adjustability to accommodate different size guns and other manufacturers’ holster shells.  However, make sure to choose the right Enigma model for your needs, as they are NOT interchangeable. 

While the Standard and Light Bearing Enigmas can technically be used with multiple holsters, we still don’t recommend frequent switching. We designed the Enigma concept, as a whole, for more or less permanent installation. Any screws that don’t come with thread locker should have user-applied thread locker for final installation after you’ve made your adjustments (different guns will require different adjustments). Repeated disassembly substantially increases maintenance requirements. It’s like switching scopes or optics every time you go to the range. It’s better for the hardware, and for your sanity, to get your Enigma really dialed in and optimized once, and then left more or less alone.

If you’re set on frequent holster switching on your Standard or Light Bearing Enigma, make sure to have plenty of spare hardware kits handy and memorize the instructions.

Also, note that the Standard and Light Bearing Enigma models are not interchangeable, so you cannot change between a light bearing holster and a non-light bearing holster on the same Enigma.

Do you need extra holster length?*

*If you’re carrying a longer-muzzled gun or a revolver, adding extra holster length may not be necessary for you, but for short semiautomatic guns, it’s often helpful.

Guns with short muzzles can be top-heavy and difficult to conceal comfortably. To solve this, some holsters have extra length added to the muzzle end. Like the keel on a boat, the extra muzzle length helps balance the holster, making it more comfortable and easier to conceal. This is especially true if you have a bit of a belly, which tends to push the grip out more and make the muzzle dig in.

Note that while extra muzzle length reduces grip printing, it can increase muzzle printing, which can be a concern with lower carry positions and tight fitting pants such as leggings or yoga pants. 

Learn more about the Keel Principle here.