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PHLster Enigma

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**Limit 2 per customer**

46 inch adjustable belt
Fidlock Magnetic Quick Release Buckle
Mounting and Attachment Hardware
Holster Faceplate
Leg Leash

Enigma fits NON-light bearing holsters with a ModWing, Darkwing, Raven wing, and similar AIWB concealment claw/wing attachments which have the standard 5/8ths hole spacing.
Not for use with light-bearing holsters, “sidecar” holsters with attached magazine carriers, or holsters which do not have the above-mentioned specific concealment wing attachments. Which Enigma do I need?

Enigma Assembly Instructions – Stress Free

Leg Leash Adjustment and Troubleshooting


(54 customer reviews)

Pro Series Holster Models

City Special Revolver Holster

PHLSTER Skeleton Holster

Slim, true-fit length, radiused for comfort, optimized for use with the Enigma in form-fitting clothing, and is ideal for users who are sensitive to holster length.
Fully ambidextrous and fits suppressor height sights and slide-mounted optics.
Glock 43, 43x, and 48 are MOS compatible.
The Glock 26 does NOT fit the G19 Skeleton.
Shield, Hellcat, and Shield EZ coming soon.

Reduced Sized Buckle kit

The Reduced Sized Buckle kit is an Enigma optimization for users with a sub 30 inch waist, or for those who want to reduce the span of the buckle in order to accommodate additional gear items. This steel slider buckle eliminates the quick-connect feature of the Fidlock Magnetic Buckle in favor of a 3 inch reduction in buckle span.
Use the original screw, finish washer, neoprene spacer, and post, included in the Enigma hardware kit, to attach the Reduced Sized Buckle to the Enigma faceplate.

Fixed Retention Kit

This replacement spacer kit converts your adjustable retention holster to fixed retention. Enigma users, this kit is recommended to prevent rotation and allow for tighter lockup with the Enigma faceplate.

EMod Enigma Optimized Modwing Insert Kit

The EMod replaces the original insert for ModWing holster concealment wings to optimize it for use with the Enigma system. The angled inserts allow the Enigma faceplate to fit smoother and slimmer, without compromising concealment, and better direct the faceplate pressure to improve pistol grip tuck and rotation.
The kit comes with two inserts, a tall and a short, and a set of round spacers for each. Installing the round spacers between the Enigma faceplate and the wing base (per the Enigma instructions) is important and when using the EMod inserts, use the tall spacers with the tall insert, and the short spacers with the short insert.

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46 inch adjustable belt
Fidlock Magnetic Quick Release Buckle
Mounting and Attachment Hardware
Holster Faceplate
Leg Leash

Enigma fits NON-light bearing holsters with a ModWing, Darkwing, Raven wing, and similar AIWB concealment claw/wing attachments which have the standard 5/8ths hole spacing.

Not for use with light-bearing holsters, “sidecar” holsters with attached magazine carriers, or holsters which do not have the above-mentioned specific concealment wing attachments.

Click HERE for assembly and setup instructions.

Click HERE to experience Enigma and the unique capabilities it delivers.

Enigma is Patent Pending.

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Pro Series Holster Models

Weight N/A

Sig P320, Glock 43/43x/48, Glock 26/19/17/34, Sig P365/XL, Walther PDP

City Special Revolver Holster

Weight 0.24 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5.5 × 2 in

J-Frame, LCR

PHLSTER Skeleton Holster

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3.5 in
Choose Holster Type

Glock 19, Glock 43, Glock 48, Sig P365, XL Sig 365

Reduced Sized Buckle kit

Weight 0.125 lbs

Fixed Retention Kit

Weight 0.0625 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 0.25 in

EMod Enigma Optimized Modwing Insert Kit

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × .25 in

54 reviews for PHLster Enigma

  1. tkeller (verified owner)

    First impressions are stellar – I’ll be doing a proper review writeup on my website soon (, but initial impressions are that this system is comfortable, extremely effective (even in sweatpants) and very adjustable.

    You’ll definitely need to watch the assembly and adjustment videos carefully, but once you understand how it works, it’s a very impressive system, and I believe it’ll really change how concealed carry is done going forward.

  2. jake (verified owner)

    Had the enigma for just over 2 weeks now.
    Fit and finish is phenomenal. Sooo many adjustment points make it easy to tailor to your specific shape and build.
    And can conceal pretty much any gun.
    I’ve carried my Glock 19, 43x and 48.
    With the 43x and 48 it’s like unlocking a cheat code. The gun disappears and you almost forget you’re wearing it!
    I actually napped on the couch the other day while wearing the enigma paired with phlster pro on my couch.
    All in all a great purchase and I will be buying another on the next release!

  3. George (verified owner)

    1. Viewing the PHLster video on setup is a prerequisite for assembly, at least it was for me. Took a lot of guesswork out of how the bits go together.

    2. “Game changer” sounds like hype. It is not hype. It’s really surprising how well getting the rig independent of the trouser/belt combination works for AIWB.

    3. One mag on an external looped or clipped carrier works fine with the Enigma belt. You can, however, run whatever you want on a regular gun belt over the Enigma rig, up to and including a complete OWB and double mag carrier, with no consequences (for my build- 34 waist, 44 chest, 6’ 185 lbs). I can run a VP9 with RMR in a PHLster Classic on the Enigma rig and a VP9 or P30 OWB at 3 o’clock with no consequences to comfort. Or a pair of VP9’s, or a pair of P30’s, one in the AIWB on the Enigma and one OWB at 3’oclock. The possibilities are endless. The key is that the gun belt is no longer such a big part of the AIWB fit equation, so AIWB comfort isn’t compromised for proper OWB tension when wearing two guns.

    4. I’m not sure the leash is actually needed in a configuration with a regular gun belt over trousers. Obviously it has its utility for sweatpants, etc.

    5. Dammit, I should have bought two when my order window opened up. Back on the list, so I can set one up for a different pistol.

  4. Bridic4691 (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! This has to be one of the best, most comfortable Setups I have worn. This rig takes some trial abs error to get it setup right for you. Be sure to follow the video instructions (YouTube) and you will have now issues. If you have any questions, check out the PHLster Concealment Workshop group, on Facebook.

  5. linden.a.tucker (verified owner)

    I’m a 5’9” woman who weights… let’s just say there’s more to love. I’m not obese, but my tummy has always been an issue with concealment in the past; I was wearing V Development Groups Meg belt with a Tenicor Velo 4 with an additional yoga block wedge added. I was able to conceal it under certain tops, but it was limited.

    I’ve been wearing the Enigma with my Glock 26 in the PHLster Pro for about 2 weeks now, and I absolutely love it. It hides under everything, and after one little adjustment, I barely notice it’s there. I have to wear an undershirt or bandeau bra between my skin and the belt, because the bottom edge of the Enigma faceplate eventually started causing some discomfort on my thigh when sitting, and the belt… well, I’m not sure I’ve worn a belt directly against my skin that was ever comfortable for long periods of time! But I’ve figured those things out, and now I’m able to conceal in pretty much every outfit I’ve tried, sitting, standing, walking. It definitely lives up to the hype! Just be sure you take the time to figure out your hole placement, and if you have any issues with printing, join the Facebook group for really great, quick feedback on what to tweak.

  6. SAWBONES (verified owner)

    As a left-handed user, I’ve found the ENIGMA, after only a two day period of experimentation and adjustment, to be stable, accessible, comfortable and eminently concealable.

    While it can be readily used with any sort of regular pants, it excels for CCW with beltless shorts or exercise pants, since it doesn’t depend upon the wearing of any sort of standard belt. All that’s required, as with any sort of AIWB concealment, is some type of short cover garment.

    Now that I’ve vetted this first example with carry of a Glock 26/19, I’ve put myself on the list for a second one.
    It’s a significant improvement over all the other existing methods of CCW in the AIWB position.

  7. Frank Xx (verified owner)

    Versatile yet simple to use, a bit of set up and experimenting is required as all body types, lifestyles, holsters and garment selections vary. Once that’s done you can wear a firearm with or with out pants. That opens all kinds of cover garments which truly conceals the firearm and any generalizations the public has for what those who carry wear and look like.
    Thank you Phlster team for amazing product as even more so for you constant engagement with past customers and helping them with their products. Soaks volumes. The take your money and check out FAQ type companies should be taking notice.

  8. gabrielmoreno0401 (verified owner)

    An excellent replacement for my old Franken-bellyband. For years, I was hoping something like this would come along. The materials are all hight quality and the instructions that were emailed to me were easy to understand and withing 10 minutes I had everything adjusted for my body and a solid rig.

    Concealment is the best I’ve seen yet and the quick attach/detach clip is impressive. I’ve been using the Enigma for over a week with a holster I made myself and it’s the easiest and most comfortable carry I’ve tried.

  9. alan-5760 (verified owner)

    A truly well-designed, well-constructed and innovative design that suits my active lifestyle. I can use this product while exercising, being active while tending to my very active family, and all without having to wear a belt. PHLSTER’s ability to think outside the box is exceeded only by their mastery of what works for concealment, and their constant efforts to better themselves. There is no perfect product, but this one could serve many, who truly care about about concealing their capabilities and their intentions. Bravo! Well done!

  10. Sam Elam (verified owner)

    I can finally carry in dress clothes. Magical.

  11. TIM.C.WILLIS (verified owner)

    Working from home and then hitting the gym used to require putting pants or shorts with a belt on just to get to leave the house. NOT ANYMORE. I have been in sweats and gym shorts pretty much everyday since I got it. Fantastic product that does more than just let you wear clothes without a belt. The ability to setup the gun for maximum consistency has done wonders for my draw time on my P365XL. Pairs well with the P365 Pro Holster. 5/5 stars absolutely recommend.

  12. zsn232 (verified owner)

    The Enigma is a game changer to concealed carry. I use a Phlster pro series for my P365. I wore the pro series on a belt before a received the enigma. I am able to achieve increased comfort because I can position the holster independent of my belt line and pants. Not only that, but I can wear this system with whatever clothes I choose, not limited to having to have a good gun belt on.
    I am able to get better concealment because I can choose the best mounting holes for ideal grip rotation. I have less printing than I did using a belt.
    If you are serious about EDC you need to try the Enigma.
    One tip I would add, is get a second holster so that if there is a day you want to carry on a belt you don’t need to take apart your set up (a perfect reason to get a Phlster or similar holster if you don’t have one!)

  13. lloyd.ashton.sullivan (verified owner)

    More concealable than anything else I’ve tried by a mile. The setup is a little long, but is totally worth it and not sure it could be much reduced without taking features away from the product.

  14. Mike Hyman (verified owner)

    What a game changer. I was already running a Pro Series holster for my M18 and finally got the Engima. I have worn this daily and love it. it is super comfortable. Takes a little to find your sweet spot on proper screw placement to fit your body. Once you find that sweet spot it is amazing. I am finally able to wear gym pants again when I go out and not always having to wear jeans and worry about a belt.
    Only downside I can say is now i really need to buy another one to fit my Glock holster so this way I dont have to take it apart each time I want to carry my glock.

  15. Rob (verified owner)

    This system is incredible. The Enigma took a little dialing-in over the first couple days, but as they say, “the juice is worth the squeeze.” I have worn my full size Glock with everything from lacrosse shorts to dress attire, including a tucked in shirt. I have a small child and even while carrying, I have no trouble or discomfort while chasing her around, bending over to pick her up, getting up and down off the floor and furniture. No matter what I do, it’s always right where it’s supposed to be.
    I almost gave it four stars only because I’ve been having trouble carrying it in a deep-concealment configuration. I tried getting that to work over a week +, and couldn’t get it right. I’m contributing more of this to my size, the holster I have attached to the Enigma, and the clothes I need to wear when carrying deep-concealment.
    Overall, this is an incredible product that I am enjoying immensely.

  16. abrianneharmon (verified owner)

    This device offers an incredible amount of confidence while carrying! The platform is extremely stable, and since it is independent of pants and belt, it is also extremely consistent. Solid, fuss-free draws every time! I have it paired with my Tulster OATH holster and P365, and it works like a dream. I highly recommend this product for the ladies! I am an Asian woman with a stereotypically small frame (5’3″ / 112-116 lbs), and I have been absolutely delighted with how good the concealment is (like really, SOOOO GOOOD), and how comfortable the Enigma is to wear. No bulges, no belts, no clips showing, nothing! It is truly the gun-loving woman’s best friend! I suppose really the only issue I have run into with it is the question of where to put my extra mag, but there are many work-arounds for that problem, and it ultimately does not affect my decision to carry in the PHLSTER Enigma DAILY!!!!

  17. jeffbowler (verified owner)

    Incredible! After waiting a few months for the Enigma to become available, I was not disappointed when it finally arrived. I set up the Enigma, using the online videos, for my Sig Sauer P229, one of the larger guns I carry. It took a few adjustments, and now I cannot imagine carrying a handgun concealed any other way. If you want to carry small or bigger guns, the Enigma is the way to go.

  18. scottstallkamp (verified owner)

    Awesome product, especially for those of us who may carry in a non permissible environment. Easy to set up and is very customizable. It makes carrying an all steel commander size gun a breeze.

  19. Nicholas McKean (verified owner)

    Incredible. Take a while to get setup. Once it is setup, for you, for your gun, for your holster, it’s magical. Amazing online support from the Community me the Company. Will NOT be my last Phlster product.

  20. lauraespath (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible!! I am a women with an already fluffy tummy so the last thing I wanted was the added bulk of a belly band. There were previously no good carry options for women in the types of clothes I wear most Realistically I am not gonna wear traditional pants and a belt daily and so I was using things like a sticky holster previously. The sticky holster wasnt very secure and I was constantly worried about it flopping out. After finding out about Enigma I purchased one as quick as I could. I have only had it for a fed days and already can tell what a game changer it is for me. Today I wore leggings and a top all day and was able to carry comfortingly. My first full day with it I forgot I had it on half the time. It adds no bulk and is very easily concealed.
    *I was intimidated to set it up at first however watching the instructional videos made it very easy for me.

    TMI: Carrying as a women and going to the bathroom is such a pain!!! Now I can just leave it on and am not slowed down at all.

  21. forwardmybills (verified owner)

    Damn near perfect. Still the best gun accessory ever! The problem I have with it is the chassis is rigged and the clearance between it and the grip is small. This sometimes prevents a full grip. With a wedge and a wing, my pistol is invisible.

  22. gmcpcs (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the wait! This high demand item is sure to change the way you carry your firearm. The holster shell and belt system with the fidlock buckle is a really neat innovation. I had been wearing another product’s “deep concealment” pouch holster for a couple of years which really compromised my draw time for an “NPE”. (Non-permissive environment) After wearing the enigma setup a few times, I saw immediate improvements over draw time, and improved concealment. I use a Hellcat red dot in a Dara holster with a claw. I had been wearing strong side with this holster, and was pretty happy with that, but concealment at times was a factor. Now I am working on switching to appendix carry exclusively, except for competition. My table muscle still gets in the way sometimes though. A few items to note: Join the FB group to get timely information and testimonials on use! Seeing other people with similar shapes carry successfully helped me make the decision. This item will be a tinkerer’s dream. Almost immediately after I got mine set up, I was ready to start making adjustments and DIYed a sleeve for the belt. I think Lefty’s have a benefit with this item as the holster shell material is laser cut, and the melted cut edges face out in the left-hand draw. Another whiny thing I have due to my sensitive skin, is that the material that lies under the fidlock buckle is also laser cut, with rough edges that abrade my skin. That would be the one complaint; perhaps there is a reason that the buckle assembly material is different from the belt material? The belt material is much easier on the skin. Another thing: the dadgum leg leash/garter is difficult to adjust properly, even after checking out the videos and tying knots, etc. I blame that on my excess table muscle being in the way, as it is easy to see on the FB page that others can get it figured out. I just took the thing off, and the draw and retention features are fine enough for me. I don’t do the kind of retention for rolling on the floor grappling that the leg leash is there for, nor do I need the hold down factor for draw when wearing just the belt portion over shorts. Your mileage will definitely vary. I will probably change this at some point, as I have an idea to DIY another leg leash from watching the videos and FB page. One opinion that I have noticed is that this enigma concealment assembly seems to work fantastic with the ladies. It is great to see more exposure and function added to carrying a self defense firearm in a much needed demographic! Also, you will probably need another for your other firearm(s). How about a quick release system for detach/attaching other holsters?
    Overall, this is a very nice, well designed and researched, quality product! It does take some time to get set up for your personal use. Something I would definitely buy again!

  23. Christopher Scott (verified owner)

    I expected greatness with the Enigma and all the reviews and comments and pictures of people on the FB group. This is exactly what I needed. I have struggled with finding a good belt-based holster for the P365 that wouldn’t tip out the grip over the top of the belt constantly causing printing. The Enigma solves all that (with the v2 Skeleton holster). Perfect concealability. Near perfect comfort (I mean, I am wearing a personal protection device). Much, much more mobility than any belt holster. Squats? Sure! Heck, anything you want to do. Pick things up off the floor without issues, yep! I cannot recommend this enough. I did have to get the smaller buckle (waist size is 30 inches) for comfort as the fidlock hit just right on the hip bone, but I do miss the cool factor and ease of use with the fidlock. Don’t think about it, just buy it and preferably, get a v2 Skeleton holster or a Pro holster (depending on what you carry).

  24. jpeter4 (verified owner)

    I am really excited with the possibilities available to me with the addition of my new Enigma rig to allow me to broaden the clothing I can wear when I’m out.

    I’ve only worn it for a few days but can see already this is a game changer, and here’s why. With the Enigma platform I can truly wear some nice pants AND tuck in a dress shirt! Now I can dress up as if my wife and I are a couple and not have to wear an untucked shirt in order to conceal carry! The whole thing being independent of what I’m wearing and yet as secure and stable as anything I’ve ever used before is just fantastic!

    Two suggestions:
    1. Exploded view drawings of the parts and their orientation would really help. I watched parts of the assembly video probably 20 times trying to see which way the part was facing not being sure which side of the holster I was seeing, which way the wing was to face. I felt pretty stupid. I would say the views of what you were doing were too small and too fast. Especially on my phone at the counter where I was working. Making it worse is the fact that when I stop the video to look at a still of the configuration the software darkens the still so then you can’t make out the detail at all.

    2. You say the Enigma works best with a fixed retention holster and I can sure see why. But I searched online for hours and I couldn’t find anyone who offers a fixed retention holster for my Sig P-229 or P-239. In the end I had to order an adjustable retention holster with a wing, and it works although it was difficult to install. You know the industry well, could you supply some resources for who makes fixed retention holsters?

    Sorry to complain because I love the product and you guys have done an amazing job at breaking new ground in concealed carry!

  25. irishjimmymurphy (verified owner)

    Easy … simply love it. The toughest part is not having to choose a particular belt or even the fact that I don’t need one at all. It’s a mindf***

  26. weeedixon (verified owner)

    I received my Enigma and although I had watched the assembly video, some of the more subtle aspects didn’t get through. Simple enough, I re-watched the assembly video as well at the fitment video. I have worn the rig for two days solid while working. I’ve noticed a couple of things I need to tweek, but otherwise this set up is revolutionary. I’m a medium framed guy, about 5’9″ and only 170lbs. In the past I’ve struggled hiding my carry, except at the 5 o’clock; after a shoulder injury that was out of the question. Having to change your wardrobe is a huge tell, (for those in the know.) The Enigma enables me to wear virtually anything and, short of a bump pass, no one is the wiser. My P30SK LEM with Delta Point Pro and Comp thank you and I can’t recommend this enough!

  27. mattdougfrick (verified owner)

    This system is hands down my favorite way to conceal carry. I am a 6’3 ~230lb male and haven’t worn the traditional “gun belt” setup since receiving this chasis. The whole system moves with your body while keeping your firearm secure. I can not recommend this product enough. I have this paired with their revamped skeleton holster line and it performs exceptionally well!

  28. protectivedadpranks (verified owner)

    Futuristic design to a modern problem! I’m someone who has tried every belly band known to man. Finally… The problem has been fixed. I wear sweat shorts or sweats pretty much 99% of the time. The problem with belly bands is that that they are too tight, cumbersome, and just not practical. The second I put on the enigma rig. I knew my problems were solved. You can sit down as normal. It’s very very comfortable. And you can draw lightning fast. If you’re able to get one of these because most of the time they’re out of stock. Jump on them and buy two as fast as you can. Believe me you will not regret it. Not to mention the customer service is phenomenal!

  29. markklanac (verified owner)

    If you’re like me and have tried every belly band system on the market looking for a way to conceal carry while wearing gym shorts, look no further!

    I’ve been wearing my Enigma for about 2 weeks now and it is, by far, the BEST system for carrying without a belt.

    I would consider myself a fairly athletic guy. I’m 6′ tall and 185lbs. I have an athletic build and don’t sport a “dad bod.” Concealing in the appendix position, or any position, has always been a challenge for me. Not anymore with the Enigma!

    My EDC is a Glock 43x and the gun disappears on my waist!

    I am regularly in gym shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt and have never felt more comfortable and confident while carrying.

    After receiving the Enigma, it took me about 2 days to properly adjust it just right for me.

    After adjusting it, I can wear it all day. In fact, I just took a 5 hour road trip and kept it on the entire time with absolutely zero discomfort.

    *One modification I made was after sizing and trimming the belt, I added a small piece of velcro so the belt to hold the tail to my waist.

  30. stalag17 (verified owner)

    Interesting setup that completely eliminates separate belt, etc., when wearing unsupported waistband style shorts, breakaway pants, etc. One was purchased for the Raven Concealment Eidolon Glock 17/19. The video setup has to be slightly modified for this holster. The modification in no way hinders the use of the rig. Works great. The second rig was for a Dara IWB holster setup for an M&P 2.00/4.25″ 9mm. No problems. It’s nice to eliminate sweaty bellybands and belt support in order to carry concealed. I’ve carried for over 40 years as an agent, etc. I’ve used every contraption known to mankind. This just works!!!

  31. josievo (verified owner)

    Overall this system works very well to conceal amd it’s way more comfortable than I ever expected. I don’t need to wear the system ridiculous tight to get my gun and holster to pull into me enough to be concealed. I also got the reduced sized buck kit because I’m pretty small. The regular buckle just dug into my hip too much. The smaller buckle is a bit less convienent for putting on but the trade off for comfort was more then worth it for me. I also really like the versitility of this system. I can wear this with jeans, leggings, and most of my dresses. For pants I just wear it slightly above my hips, because thats comfortable. For dresses I wear it really low on my hips and adjust the leg leash.

    The only reason I’m not giving this a 5 star review is because of the leg leash. The canvas piece is very uncomfortable against my skin and the buckles comes apart pretty easily. However the actual chord is comfortable. I contacted phlster about the buckle coming apart. I was very impressed with how quickly I got a response. My issues come down to adjustment and being a petite women. The leg leash isn’t really designed to withstand much force. The belt portion should do most of the work. But like I said I’m a small woman, and because of where the smallest part of my waist is and where I wear the enigma, I would have to wear this insanely tight or unreasonably high on my torso (like right below my bra) for that to work for me. I let them know in more detail about this an I hope in future versions this is fixed. For now I’ll have to make some modifications. This is still a great purchase and I’ll keep using it. I might even get one for a friend soon.

  32. Judith Ring (verified owner)

    I bought the Enigma as a gift for my husband’s birthday. He’s a relatively average size guy and he found his sweet spot and “non-printing” concealment somewhat easily. The Enigma has been a game-changer for him, going from rarely carrying to carrying quite often and with a lot of ease and comfort. I think he doesn’t carry everyday, sweet man that he is, specifically to leave the Enigma home for me to try. I’m a larger woman – fit is not as straighforward for me. But I’ve been experimenting with the Enigma and have come to think that it may perhaps be the only way I’ll be able to conceal carry comfortably. So I put myself on the waiting list! Four thumbs up from us!

  33. krifor03 (verified owner)

    Carrying is so much better! There’s nothing wrong with belted pants, but there are some situations where athletic clothing helps you blend in better. With the Enigma, my holster position, draw stroke, ride height, everything feels just as “comfortable” as a gun belt. I tried belly bands, but for me, they were horrible, sticky draws, riding up, sliding around; until I got the Enigma, I had given up on carrying in anything that didn’t have belt loops. Now, joggers, shorts, just about anything I can carry and confidently/safely manipulate my carry weapon with no equipment caused caveats.

    I waited for about 3 months for the Enigma to come back in stock, but I’m glad I did. Getting on the waiting list and pay attention to your emails. They were sold out about 6hrs after the “Come’n Get’em” email went out – just saying…

  34. Elwood T Grant III (verified owner)

    As with a lot of the previous EDC people in the world. It was a great challenge to find the right holster or the right concealment equipment especially when it came to wearing athletic clothing, which I spend the majority of my time in as a trainer. Coming across the Enigma has really changed the game for me, I have sent back 4 different holsters including belly bands that I ordered from other companies because there was a wait list. But, one day I got lucky and saw a that they were in stock and ordered one and when it came in, I watched the videos a lot to make sure that I was putting everything together correctly.

    So far it has worked out really well with a lot of my clothing. Like some have mentioned on the YouTube videos, it is a trial and error thing with quick adjustments with your Enigma, that you can make depending on what clothing you are wearing for the day. I would like to see a something along the lines with adding additional comfort around the waist strap without the digging into the skin, and a wedge holster.

  35. kmq (verified owner)

    I have tried everything (good, bad and terrible) over the past 10 years trying to find a concealed carry method that was safe, comfortable and effective.

    The search is over.

    This thing is amazing.

    Safe, secure, comfortable, and conceals absurdly well.

    You can wear it with virtually anything.

    Stays put even through extreme physical activity.


  36. eatbeef03 (verified owner)

    Used the enigma with a txc holster for Glock 43x. Amazing!! Most comfortable and concealed system I’ve ever tried. Only took a ten minutes to setup. Would recommend

  37. coverthawk (verified owner)

    I have purchased the Enigma and the Light Bearing Enigma for two handguns (Sig P365 and FN509CT). The holster, once setup, is life changing. No more sagging pants when not wearing a gun belt or something more rigid. This system works with sweatpants, workout pants, belt, no belt. The concealment is undetectable and it is SO COMFORTABLE. A game changer…highly recommended. It does take time to setup appropriately, but review the online instructions and it is easy.

  38. store.purch (verified owner)

    I just go my Enigma and overall in initially satisfied. I hope I can update this later though.

    The reason I’m only giving it 4 stars is because of the thigh clip. Who designed this? I’m a big guy the release mechanism is made for a baby’s fingers, I almost need tweezers to release it and that’s before I put it on. I understand the desire to minimize this so reduce visibility, but there is such a thing as to small and I thin’ this is it. Otherwise I like the feel of it as I’ve worn it around the house.

  39. stormycheyenne (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC product. It is truly a game changer, dare I say even more so for women than for men.

    It looks like it would add bulk rather than remove it, but don’t let that fool you. I finally decided to try it after seeing so many smaller women conceal with it. I am SO GLAD I did. I’m 5’5″, 125 lbs, with a very small bust, plus I carry a rather large G-19, so I have never been able to carry aiwb before, and my clothes were all baggy. Now I can carry shirts more fitted that I could have dreamed of, while fully cc-ing a G-19 on my appendix. I can even wear appendix in a dress!

    I wish I could upload pictures or a video for you, but I’ll do the next best thing and refer you to the Phlster Enigma Facebook group. Join it and you’ll see thousands of testimonials, real life troubleshooting, and pictures to help you make your decision.

    Speaking of the FB group, Jon and Sarah (the creators and owners) have the absolute best customer service I’ve ever seen. They answer all you questions and even help you troubleshoot how to make the Enigma work best for your body, since it’s infinitely customizable and takes some time to dial it in perfectly.

    Definitely own or borrow a good electric drill for putting this together. Also if you have an adjustable retention holster I highly recommend the adjustable retention kit. I thought I wouldn’t need it because I had spare washers I could use if needed, and I did make it work in the end, but turns out washers aren’t nearly as thin as what you’d get in the kit so it’s much harder to get perfect retention the way I did it.

  40. nicdmorgan (verified owner)

    Leg Leash clip is not strong enough! When i draw my gun the Leg Leash immediately detaches! This is the first holster holster I’ve worn that stays put and is comfortable. I wish the clip on the leg leash wasn’t so weak but all in all this is a great holster.

  41. susanm (verified owner)

    Going into my 8th week of carrying using the Enigma with P365 Skeleton holster. I found assembly much easier than all the talk had led me to believe it would be (yay!). I was also lucky in that my initial set up has been pretty much spot on for me with no need to reposition the belt attachments, switch wing risers, etc.
    As for comparing the level of concealment I’m able to achieve with the Enigma over my previous carry methods, AIWB holster or my hip hugger belly band; it is no contest whatsoever. Far, far better. I have made comparison photos of each method in the same outfit so I could show what words cannot convey (I’ll submit these to the PHLster Concealment Workshop group).
    To summarize, in these last 8wk I have only carried with my regular AIWB holster once (for a particular errand when pistol would need to be removed). After that stop was completed I drove well out of my way to return home and switch out for the Enigma then headed back into town to finish out the day’s errands. I think that should pretty much tell you how I feel about my Enigma at this point.

  42. Edward Gough (verified owner)

    This is an absolute game changer for concealed carry. It took a little bit of time to assemble and setup with my Phlster Pro IWB holster, but once I got it all dialed it, it has become the most comfortable, concealable and durable carry system I have. From wearing slacks and a dress shirt with a tie, to a tee and drawstring shorts, this thing works with anything I would conceivably wear as an outfit.

  43. Timothy Hogg (verified owner)

    What can I say but WOW! Enigma with PHLster Pro Series has rendered my prior IWB system obsolete. Its taken me more than 10 years to find the best solution for daily carry, I’ve spent more money on holsters than I did on the firearm during this time. This system has replaced all of that in a matter of a few weeks. I’m carrying my G19 more comfortably, and with better concealment, than my G26. In the coming weeks I’m going to try daily carry of my G17. I will never go back. This system fundamentally changes everything.

  44. pyrpeople.wisehart (verified owner)

    Assembly was time consuming, especially with an adjustable retention holster. I left on a long road trip shortly after assembling my Enigma and wore it in the vehicle for 13 hours. It did get a little uncomfortable towards the end of the day, mostly from under the buckle but I’ve seen a few tips to try to reduce that discomfort. I am very pleased with the level of concealment.

  45. gibsonr70 (verified owner)

    I’d heard great things about the Enigma. I was intrigued so watched several videos, both from PHLster and other reviewers. I decided to see what the hype was about. Once I was able to finally get my hands on one, I set out attaching my Henry holster to it. I spent about 40 minutes fiddling with it, trying different attachment angles. Had a problem with the garter clip and emailed customer support on a Friday night. Less than 10 minutes later Jon had replied with a solution to my problem. I find it extremely handy when wearing it with my gym clothes, and maybe a little more comfortable than wearing a carry belt. I haven’t found a comfortable position wearing it under normal pants with a belt, but I’m going to continue to work with it and see what comes.


  46. janmykhail.hasselbring (verified owner)

    It fits and feels good… It makes CC more comfortable. My only issue, same reason why I’m giving it a 3* is because the leg strap keeps getting undone. I do not wear tight pants, I do not wear the straps tight, I do not have thunder thighs but for some reason, out of nowhere, I’d just feel the strap dangling from below my shorts. I can still draw fine but it’s just weird that it comes off easy. I tested the thigh strap buckle and its just easy to get undone.

    • Jonathan Hauptman

      Make sure to check out the Blog section of our site and the entries about setting up the leg leash. If you believe yours is defective, please email us for an immediate replacement.

  47. braulston (verified owner)

    This chassis system is in a league of its own. It is far superior to any other belt less option I have ever tried! It does take some time to adjust and get fitted to your holster and body, but that is part of what makes it work so well! I definitely recommend this to anyone who wishes to carry under sweats or athletic shorts. I am not as big of a fan of carrying this underneath a gun belt. The great thing about this system is it eliminates the excuse to not carry when wearing sweats and athletic shorts. Get on the waitlist and get one when they come in stock!

  48. rkelly21143 (verified owner)

    I think the phrase “game changer” is overused. But it absolutely 💯 applies to the Enigma! This system is truly innovative. I had bought a Phlster Pro holster and love it. Went to follow Phlster on FB and found the hands down greatest site- the Phlster Concealment Workshop. Was amazed by all the people concealing not just tiny handguns, but double stack, compact and full sized guns. And concealing really well! And everyone is so helpful. So, when I was able to get an Enigma, I jumped. Everything you have read or heard about it is true. It is so nice and amazing to be able to carry in gym shorts, sweats or anything without a proper gun belt. In fact, I plan on getting another Enigma and Phlster Pro holster.

  49. mtpeterman (verified owner)

    The hype about the system is real. I have tried several different belly band type systems over the course of the last five years and with every single one of them there is a compromise somewhere. Until now— the enigma system is more concealable, more comfortable, safer, and more convenient (once correctly assembled which is not the easiest task) system I have ever tried that doesn’t utilize a gun belt.

    I am always wearing a suit, tucked dress clothes, or some other garment in a fairly sensitive environment where it isn’t always feasible to have the traditional holster setup. This system has totally made life easier from the old bulky, sweaty, unsafe belly bands. My only complaint is the leg leash. For me it has never worked properly even after super careful adjustment according to all of the videos and literature it is either too loose to stay up or too tight and my thigh muscle pops the latch. For me it isn’t a big deal because I am still wearing pants with a waistband adding retention but for some it would be an issue. I would like to see more R and D into the leg leash honestly for such a costly system where it is deemed so important. As a company they have been great with communication and customer service as well. If you want to know if the hype is for real order one for yourself.

  50. S Levan (verified owner)

    My biggest gripes with belly bands is first the trigger guard is not fully protected by a hard barrier so I always modify them to take a hard shelled holster inside. Second is they lack support and bounces with little movement.
    Enter the Enigma.
    I have used my Enigma with high percentage of carry using their own Pro holster. I really like the support it provides that it doesn’t allow weight to shift and bounce. The leg leash takes the longest time to adjust and test to get right so it’s not a product you just throw on as a first time user and use it all day out of the box. So far it’s looking like it’s going to replace my regular belt mounted AIWB (appendix inside the waistband) holsters.

  51. m.giarratano (verified owner)

    I must like the Enigma system because I got 2 of them. Being a slightly paunchy guy with a little muffin top middle it took some experimentation to get the fit and position comfortable for me. The leg leash is a little finicky though. The tiny buckle is too small for my somewhat chubby fingers to manipulate and the fitment was difficult to get just right. While going about my daily activities the leg leash would change course and become loose. This was especially noticed while riding a bike. So I ditched the OEM leg leash and made one with 1/2 inch strap and buckle. I also have independent adjustment of the height and circumference so that little triangle transition thing doesn’t come into play. Next, this is kinda crude, but I have an old t-shirt that I cut off the top and use around my middle to keep the Enigma nylon belt and kydex holster insulated from my middle skin. Then I can wear my t-shirt un-tucked and still get a good conceal. BTW I carry a S&W Shield Plus or a Sig P365. During the cooler/cold months the cutoff t-shirt isn’t needed since I wear a regular shirt over my t-shirt. All that said, do I think the Enigma is worth it? Yes, but with the little mod I’ve made to make it more comfortable for me.

  52. frncsxmom (verified owner)

    What is this sorcery???? ‘o’ I am a short, wide gal and I wasnt sure about this “chassis system”. I was pleasantly surprised and THRILLED that the enigma works for me! I have discovered that it’s way more comfortable than my regular setup aside from the rough texture of my grip. Wearing something next to my skin takes care of that. I will be looking into a cover in the future. The only issue I have is the leg leash and buckle. When I get it right, it’s golden! When I don’t, it slides down my leg. I have thick thighs and getting it right takes a minute. There are videos and suggestions to fix that and I just need to practice and implement the advice. Big thanks to Jon and Sarah and crew! Also the Facebook group is amazing and the response is lightning fast! Do yourself a favor and get this system!

  53. kimballhargis (verified owner)

    I have been a conceal carry person for 30 years. I have owned so many holsters and all claim to be the best. I have spent anywhere from $25 – $500 for holsters that never lived up to the hype. Even the handmade leather guys in Texas None of them had the simple ingredients to be perfect. They were either Too tight, too hot, uncomfortable or printed terribly. I got the enigma a week ago. Set it up easily. Put in on with my Sig 365xl and I am amazed how great it feels and NO PRINT!!!! This to me is the standard of acceptable. I went out first day with cotton sweat shorts and a T shirt. I was constantly amazed at zero print. Even my close friends that know I carry , were asking me why I was not armed. My response…..”are you serious or pulling my leg” I was thinking surely they can see my weapon. Now my friends are not your normal everyday conceal carry people. These guys are professional former military contractors. They did not realize I was armed. I know it’s only a week but I am convinced I have found the HOLY GRAIL of holsters. Yes it looks kinda ugly but damn does it carrry well. I forgot I had it on. I wear snug and after while I could not feel I was wearing a weapon. Absolutely outstanding performance! Thank you enigma as now can toss all the holsters sitting on my shelf collecting dust! My one suggestion is to make a sweat guard optional. The grip of my 365 does sit on my skin and I do sweat. It’s a minor issue that is more than made up for by the lack of any print. I am six feet tall and 195 pounds. Make a sweat guard cut to the shape of the weapon. A padded guard with a goretex liner to prevent moisture to the weapon. Great great design !!!

  54. alex_yoon (verified owner)

    Everything I expected and well worth the wait. I can finally conceal carry at the gym without wearing a lame Fanny pack. I have a couple other deep conceal holsters but the enigma is by far the least obtrusive and least noticeable. Thanks

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