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PHLster Enigma Express

Skip right to the good part and carry concealed and secure with the Enigma Express. Using all of the same technology as the original Enigma, the Express arrives fully pre-assembled and ready to wear with either our Skeleton holster or our City Special revolver holster built in. Get all of the freedom and capability of our original Enigma system in one easy to use package. Just put it on, tighten the waist belt with one pull, adjust the leg leash, and you’re ready to get started.

The Express comes with a 48 inch waist strap and is compatible with our Enigma Sport Belt accessory, which requires no tools to swap. The leg leash accommodates a 36 inch thigh.

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Enigma Safety

Note: Shade and texture of Enigma faceplate and related components are subject to variation.

The Enigma Express is our fully assembled Enigma package that includes a holster shell and everything you need to get started.

In your Enigma Express order, you will receive a fully assembled chassis and holster equipped with:

  • Nylon Belt
  • Reduced size Fidlock buckle
  • Leg Leash
  • Holster shell
    • PHLster Skeleton Holster for semi-automatic firearms
    • PHLster City Special holster for revolvers
  • The Enigma Express is only compatible with the specific gun models listed. If your gun model is not listed on the dropdown menu, you’ll need the Standard Enigma instead. The Express is not recommended for use with holster shells from other manufacturers.
  • It is NOT compatible with weapon-mounted lights, lasers, laser grips, comps, muzzle devices, or aftermarket frames or accessories.
  • The Enigma Express IS compatible with slide mounted red dot optics.
  • Glock 43, 43X, and 48 Enigma Expresses are MOS compatible.
  • Can I Use the Enigma Express with Different Holsters?
  • Compatible Enigma accessories:
  • BELT
    • Enigma comes with a simple nylon belt and a reduced size magnetic buckle. You can upgrade to the optional Sport Belt.
    • The Enigma faceplate is made from Tegris, a thin and strong material that we have shaped to help conceal a gun with no extra bulk or weight.
    • It comes with a nylon leg leash that allows you to draw your firearm without the holster moving up as you draw. Our patent-pending low-profile buckle comes standard.
    • Our Skeleton Holster comes attached to your Express (or the City Special holster for revolvers). This holster was designed with the Enigma in mind. It has no clip blocking, and is ultra low profile. 


  • Put the Enigma Express on with the faceplate facing out
  • Watch the leg leash instruction video to learn how to properly adjust and use the leg leash.

How to Conceal

  • Follow the steps in this video series to get good concealment.
  • You can find instructions for making changes or adjustments to your Enigma Express in the video guides here.