ARC Enhanced WML Switches


Surefire ARC fits Surefire X300U (A/B/V), X400U (H, RD, GN), XH30, XH35, and XLV2.

Streamlight ARC Fits TLR-1 & 2 (S & HL versions).

(25 customer reviews)

Improve speed and consistency of weapon mounted light activation with user configurable and modular extended switches. 

The Surefire ARC comes as a set of three pairs of switches. All three pairs are over-sized compared to stock and the set includes a Large, XL, and XL blank set. The Large and XL are aggressively textured, improving activation with gloved or wet hands, and requiring less precise dexterity to activate the WML. A blank set in XL size is included for users to carve, modify, or stipple to fit their individual needs. 

Large, XL, and stock switches can be mixed and matched, to optimize the WML for right or left-handed use, based on your preferred activation technique, decrease the distance to the switch on some models of firearm, or to simply improve momentary or constant-on activations.

No permanent modifications to the WML are necessary to install the ARC. The original switch caps are easily removed with a small screwdriver or pliers and the ARC switch enhancements press directly on to the switch armature bar. Please watch the instruction video prior to installation. Be aware that the switches are right and left-hand biased, so pay attention to the markings on the ARC switch enhancements. 

Depending on the age of your light, manufacturing tolerances, and their intended use, some users may want to apply a tiny dab of adhesive to the switch armature bar as a final step in their installation, after determining their optimal switch configuration. 


The Streamlight ARC comes as a pair of two complete switch paddles. One is symmetrical and the other is asymmetrical. Both are larger than stock. The asymmetrical paddle can be reversed depending on which side you prefer to have the longer switch. Kit includes all tools required.


Later model X300 switch armatures are highly variable. Some come apart easily, others are more difficult. Some installs are easy. Some are difficult. If you’re not mechanically inclined, this might not be the product for you. If something seems wrong during disassembly or installation, stop before you break something and contact us. You accept all risk for disassembling your light. 

The PHLser ARC for Surefire and Streamlight WML’s fits all popular light bearing holsters.

We accept returns of the ARC in original, intact condition. In the event of defect, we are happy to send a replacement unit. We cannot accept returns of units which have been snapped off the injection tree or installed on lights.

Click Here For Installation Instructions


Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 0.5 × 2 in

Surefire, Streamlight

25 reviews for ARC Enhanced WML Switches

  1. Bradford Davis (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing although the textured paddles are a bit sharp i had to file them down a little, but no big deal!

  2. jb9881255 (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Somebody should have come out with this years ago! Only reason it’s 5 stars is I couldn’t give it 6!

  3. zarathean83 (verified owner)

    The short textured one is ideal for me, the longer ones cause my switch to flex (its the switch not the button being loose so no points lost) i highly recommend these and a Floodlight

  4. Scotty Noble (verified owner)

    I use the short textured ones as well… 10 mos out on a 27 year retirement, former assistant range master, etc, etc. Never knew there were accessories to make these lights better. Great stuff!

  5. tapman (verified owner)

    Great product goes well with my floodlight holster any many of my guns.

  6. Sharp (verified owner)

    Simple DIY solves the problem that my finger can’t press the switch!!

  7. KEVIN GRAY (verified owner)

    I like it much better, easier to reach the switch on my x300, just may have to use extra large switch for suppoet hand and large on right hand, I will see, much better then before and it has not effected my holster fits just fine

  8. Damon Webb (verified owner)

    Much more ergonomic than the factory SF paddles. I’ve smaller hands, & the X300 on my 509 was barely accessible. Now I can reach either side quite easily. Thanks! As I switch out my Inforces for SFs, I’ll be getting more…

  9. tuntavernny (verified owner)

    I like big guns (and I can not lie ?)….Sig X5, FNX45. These extended paddles make it easier (and safer) to activate your light. No more manipulating your grip to reach those stubby OEM paddles.

  10. Brandon Haines (verified owner)

    They do exactly what they are meant to provide easier manipulation of the WML. I chose to run the long/short on a Polymer 80 Glock 19 build to bring the switch a little closer to aid in function without losing grip position on the pistol using my dominate hand (right) and the shorter leg of the switch extension stays to my offhand (left) to be easily manipulated by my offhand thumb. Great product.

  11. Shawn Weed (verified owner)

    Installed these shortly after a no/low light pistol course showed me I need a bit of texture on my X300U switches so momentary Use is a bit more consistent. I also realized that during one handed firing my fingers were just long enough to reach the factory switches. It led to inconsistent activation of the WML. I added the long switch on the right side and the shorter on the left. While the X300U is completely useable for me with the factory switches, the ARC switches make it the perfect WML.

  12. Jason Bowermeister (verified owner)

    Great product and crazy fast shipping. Fixed the problem on my FNX.

  13. nick Bowling (verified owner)

    streamlight tl1 very easy installation havent used it much but seems very sturdy and well thought out

  14. fullm3taljacket (verified owner)

    The reach on my new carry gun was too far for the standard paddles. With the PHLSTER ARC, it is now perfect. Shipped quickly and was delivered quickly. Highly recommended for pretty much everyone.

  15. beatle613 (verified owner)

    The fact that I no longer have to break my traditional firing grip to reach the switch w/ my support thumb make the ARC switches great for me Installation was simple & go on really solid (X300u). If enough people have a problem w/ something, someone is bound to make a solution. Thanks Phlster for the solution to my problem. ??

  16. supercoop03 (verified owner)

    These are great, especially one a gun with a larger trigger guard. I am using a Beretta 92 w/ X300 and the trigger guard on the Beretta is big enough that I could just barley reach the stock switches. These were easy to install and fit perfectly. Now the switch is right there at the end of my finger without shifting my firing grip.

  17. Zachary Villani-Raymond (verified owner)

    Makes 1-handed manipulation a breeze on my TLR-1 without becoming intrusive inside the trigger guard, a must have!

  18. Jacob Doyle (verified owner)

    Great much needed mod if you dont have massive hands

  19. cvarney (verified owner)

    I really like the added texture. I love the long one, but as others have mentioned, in my floodlight sometimes the holster can squeeze or flex a little and turn the light on. The short textured on I’ve not had an issue. I’m still exploring what’s going on, as it’s probably something I’ve done. But overall an awesome modification to your WML.

  20. dimocrito (verified owner)

    I watched the install instructions first and was very careful to install. I experienced a brief flickering of light when activating the light (not always) and a noticeable delay upon activation on one side of the switch when activating the light. I checked the orientation of the switches and made sure the metal activation arms were not bent or deformed on the assembly. Upon removal and reinstalling the factory surefire switches back on, the light did not flicker anymore or delay upon activation. I really wanted this to work.

    • Jonathan Hauptman

      If the longest switches are not fully and completely installed, it’s possible to apply enough leverage to interrupt the microswitch in the tail cap. Check out our IGTV video here for an easy way to install the switches so they’re entirely and fully seated.

  21. zhbryant (verified owner)

    Followed instructional video to the T. Flashing was so terrible on these the left long serrated switch simply will not stay on because there is a visible bur inside the channel of this switch that I simply cannot get to without destroying (nearly have trying to break through it) it not even the smallest jewelers driver is small enough, thus its impossible to seat it fully, and now the mouth has been worked open while trying so hard to install it so its basically ruined. Great idea and wanted these to work so bad, but the quality control needs to be more thorough as the channels need to be inspected for bad flashing burs. All this could have been avoided with a quick look under a flashlight Totally worthless to me now.

    • Jonathan Hauptman

      The issue is that the metal part of the Surefire switch is often slightly oversized and sharp, due to how it’s stamped. This can lead to installation issues which are addressed in the resources we’re happy to provide in the event that you encounter a difficult installation.
      All of the switch parts we produce are checked against a go/no-go gauge prior to packaging, when they come off the mold. We’ve measured dozens of recent production x300 switch armatures and have discovered that units made since late 2020 display the widest variations in switch armature size so far. Anyone reading this is encouraged to contact us immediately for supplemental installation advice in the event that they experience any difficulty with their installation. Also, check out our IGTV channel here.

  22. John Linford (verified owner)

    Such a simple upgrade to my TLR-1 HL. It sits a bit further forward than ideal on my gun, and these longer switches make manipulating the light a breeze with either hand or one-handed.

  23. Scott Thomas (verified owner)

    Watch the video didn’t help much couldn’t get the switches to go down all the way there was a gap between the metal arm and the plastic They disabled, so I was getting no helpThey disabled, so I was getting no help from comments since they disabled them so I was getting no help from there either genius right Anyways braced the metal arm and pushed as hard as I could and it completely sheered the metal put so now I’m out a switch cap for my flashlight what a waste of time and effort.

  24. jbackus223 (verified owner)

    DOES NOT FIT X300V the holes that accept the metal tab on the switch are either not wide enough or not deep enough. there was no lack of pressure applied as I placed it on a table and pressed so hard I thought I would break the switch. Thankfully I did not and was able to remove it and replace with the original.

    • Jonathan Hauptman

      This is not an issue specific to the V version. Current production x300’s have highly variable metal switch armatures and might require a different approach to make the ARC fit. Check out our Instagram Videos and live-streams about this issue. And, of course, you can always email us for assistance.

  25. Dave Branch (verified owner)

    Selling items that do not fit is not the way to run a business. When your own customer service personnel replies that your ARC switches don’t fit, you should state that very clearly or stop selling them. Not interested in damaging a $300 light to get these installed. Save your money and look at different lights, until Surefire offers something better.

    • Jonathan Hauptman

      Hi Dave,

      As we explained, the issue is with the variations present in the x300, not in the parts we produce. The part to which the switches attach is extremely variable and causes some installations to be more difficult than others. We also sent you links to helpful videos and described a process for making the installation easier.

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