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The Enigma is a high performance concealment system worn independently of your clothing. 

  • Low profile and zero signature, with no visible clips or attachments outside the clothing
  • Wear with anything – no need for belts or belt loops
  • Works with a kydex holster shell for secure retention and full trigger protection
  • Ultra low profile concealment with rugged fighting stability 
  • Modular system with many ways to customize and accessorize
  • Standard belt fits up to 46″ waist. Optional Sport Belt upgrade fits up to 50″ waist

High Tech Concealment

The Enigma faceplate is made of a strong, thin, and flexible woven polycarbonate material. It supports the holster and helps press it into the body for ultra low profile and effective concealment. Our patent-pending faceplate design is stiff where it needs to be, flexible in other places, and curved to provide grip access while also stabilizing the gun.

The Enigma was designed from the ground up to work with the Concealment Mechanics, giving you unmatched control over the position of the gun. 

  • Works anywhere on the front of the body, between about 2:00 and 10:00.
  • Complete freedom to find your Concealment Sweet Spot.
  • Adjustable grip tuck and grip rotation
  • Change your ride height by simply moving your Enigma up and down. Since it’s not attached to your clothing, you can position it independently in the best spot for your body.


Developed based on decades of experience in civilian and professional contexts, the Enigma is designed to provide the best concealment possible, while allowing fast access to the gun and withstanding extreme hard use. 

  • Appropriate for both range classes and force-on-force training
  • Moves with you at the gym or on the job
  • Full grip access for a fast draw
  • Draw with confidence even from compromised positions – the Enigma’s leg leash holds the holster down securely during extreme activity.

The Enigma is suitable for professional end users, but it can be used by people of all experience levels. Level up your concealment knowledge with our extensive library of free educational material.

at a glance

Lightweight, thin, and unbelievably strong, the Enigma’s faceplate is made of a high tech woven polycarbonate laminate material. It is specially shaped for optimum concealment. The curved design allows for grip access while stabilizing the gun against the body.
Simple nylon belt is low profile under clothing, but rugged and extremely durable. Adjusts easily with one hand. Fits up to a 46" waist. The optional Sport Belt upgrade fits up to a 50" waist.
Helps keep the system in place during intense or extreme activity. The leg leash anchors the holster and keeps it from sliding up when you draw the gun, even from a compromised position, during a grapple, on your back, or if you’re wearing athletic or shape wear under your clothes. Fits up to a 36" thigh at maximum adjustment.


There are three models of Enigma. The Enigma Express comes assembled with a holster shell included. The Standard Enigma and Light Bearing Enigmas do not come with a shell, but work with compatible shells from many other holster manufacturers.

Learn more about the different Enigma models:

The Enigma Express is the easiest Enigma model to use, but it’s only made for a select few guns. If we don’t make an Express for your gun, you can still use one of the other Enigma models.