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How to tighten the belt attachment screws.

The belt attachment screws are hard to tighten.  That’s because they have pre-applied nylon thread locker, which keeps them from working loose over time as you wear your Enigma. 

To tighten the belt screws, first start by pre-threading them all the way into the screw posts, as shown in this video at 4:10

For the next step, use a ranger band, rubber band, or rubber glove. Place the band under the screw post, put the whole thing down on a table, and press down hard against the table to tighten the screws. It’s easier with an electric driver, but this also works with a regular screwdriver. If using an electric driver, tighten the screws with quick, fast bursts, and do not allow the screws to spin against the faceplate. Make sure to press down HARD against your table.

You can also add gorilla tape or duct tape over the back of the screw post and faceplate.  When you press down against your rubber band, the tape will help prevent rotation. Alternatively, you can wrap electrical tape around your finger with the sticky side out, and use your finger to hold the screw post (users with low hand strength should use the table method).  

Keep at it, and don’t give up on the belt screws.  The nylon threadlocker is extremely good at keeping fasteners from coming loose.  The screws are hard to install, but the extra security is worth it.  Once you’ve tightened the screws once, they will be a little bit easier the next time.  If you need to adjust your Enigma’s belt attachment points, use the same tricks to loosen the screws, and again to re-tighten them in the new position.

Use only the belt attachment screws that came with your Enigma.  Do not use other hardware for this purpose.  If you need replacement hardware, you can contact [email protected].

For the full Enigma assembly video, go to the Enigma Resources page.