PHLSTER Skeleton Holster


Slim, true-fit length, radiused for comfort, optimized for use with the Enigma in form-fitting clothing, and is ideal for users who are sensitive to holster length.
Fully ambidextrous and fits suppressor height sights and slide-mounted optics.
See fit notes below for specific gun model information.
(24 customer reviews)

For 2021, the PHLster Skeleton has undergone a significant revision.

In support of our new Enigma concealment chassis system, the Skeleton holster has been redesigned in the following ways:

-The TuckStrut has been replaced with an Enigma compatible Modwing. Use the included 1.5 inch Griphook clip for conventional belt carry, replace the Griphook with a self-supplied Discreet Carry Concepts Mod4 clip, or plug and play your Skeleton into the Enigma chassis.
-The muzzle of the Skeleton is now true-fit, instead of open, with a smooth and radiused closure. This creates a slick, comfortable, and unobtrusive holster shell, optimized for use with the Enigma in form-fitting clothing and is ideal for users who are sensitive to holster length.
The Skeleton remains fully ambidextrous and fits suppressor height sights and slide-mounted optics.
  • Glock 43, 43x, and 48 are MOS compatible.
  • S&W Shield Plus 4in fits both the 4in and the 3.1in Shield Plus models.
  • Shield 1.0&2.0 does not fit .45 models.
  • The PDP-F fits ONLY the 3.5″ model, not the 4″.
  • Hellcat Skeleton models do NOT fit Hellcat RDP versions.
  • NOTICE: Sig models with either factory or aftermarket metal frames will not fit the Pro Holster. And “Glock analog” pistols like P80 and Shadow Systems are not compatible with our Glock holsters
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PHLSTER PRO HOLSTER VS SKELETON | Which one is right for me?

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3.5 in
Choose Holster Type

Glock – 26/27/33, 19/23/32, Glock 19, G43/G43x, Glock 48, M&P 2.0 Compact – 4", M&P Shield, Sig P320, Sig P365/P365x, Sig P365 XL, Sig P365-X Macro, Springfield Hellcat (Does Not Fit The RDP Models), Springfield Hellcat Pro, S&W Shield 1.0/2.0, S&W Shield Plus 4in, Walther PDP-F Skeleton (3.5in Only), Shield Plus 3.1

24 reviews for PHLSTER Skeleton Holster

  1. kirkwaldorf (verified owner)

    Very good fit and finish. Does exactly what is needed.

  2. jakecday (verified owner)

    Excellent design, upon retention the holster makes a very satisfying click. well worth the money

  3. jakecday (verified owner)

    Excellent design, upon retention holster makes a satisfying click. Well worth $55

  4. Connerm32 (verified owner)

    Good holster, only issue was that a picture showed a clip rather than a belt loop which is why I got this holster since I dont typically wear a belt. Besides that the product is comfortable and doesnt leave an obvious profile. Would definitely reccomend to anyone.

  5. Gerry (verified owner)

    Conceals the G19 and G26 better than my old holster (FIST K2), Holds the pistol securely. No issue converting it to left hand carry.
    A little difficult to get on and off but all and all very pleased.

  6. Ifakolade Reece (verified owner)

    Wow a great holster is like a sunny day! This is one of those sunny days. It holds my sidearm perfectly snug. It is comfortable to wear.

  7. Will Peck (verified owner)

    Bar none, my all-time favorite concealed carry holster. I loved the one I bought a few years ago for my Glock 19, and my wife now loves hers for her M&P Shield. This thing is superb for minimalism without sacrificing retention security or comfort, or really anything else. I keep coming back hoping to find that a version for my SIG P365XL gets added – as soon as it does, I’ll be an immediate buyer. HIGHLY recommend this holster, above the roughly baker’s dozen others I’ve tried.

  8. Bradley Crane (verified owner)

    I recently picked up the Skeleton after carrying the another slim appendix carry holster for a little over a year. It is really well formed and the tuck strut tech makes it impossible to miss my grips with a really good position for moving into aiming. I’ve been following for years, but I’d not owned any of the handguns Phlster was fitted to. When the old holster quit, I was stoked to make this purchase. It’s really cool to see something that looks well made with deep interest and care to details that also delivers so well when it lands in your hands. Excellent work.

  9. Christopher Scott (verified owner)

    Admittedly, I have not used this as a standalone holster, but compared to the other 2 that I have for this same firearm, it is well made (better than the others) and would serve anyone very well as a slimline option. I got it for use specifically with the Enigma and it works perfectly in this function. It has been well thought out and designed to allow for a good firing grip without knuckle scraping that would occur from my other holsters. Perfect choice for the P365.

  10. brett.wingson (verified owner)

    The build quality on this holster is exemplary! The only thing I would probably prefer is that it came with a Discreet Carry Concepts Mod 4 Clip instead of the supplied plastic Griphook. Otherwise, the provision for an slide-mounted optic on a P365 is forward thinking and the overall fit and finish really is top notch………and for only $55.

  11. positivemakeinc (verified owner)

    Combined with Enigma this holster is just what i was looking for. Will buy again. Keep up the innovation!

  12. brimstacey (verified owner)

    Love my skeleton holster! It fits my 365 just as it should. You can hear it snap into place when my gun is inserted. This is a high quality holster. Now, just waiting for my opportunity to purchase the Enigma to go with it!

  13. mattdougfrick (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the minimalist style of this holster. Combining this with their Enigma chassis is also fantastic.

  14. colenetherwood (verified owner)

    Phlsters are my go-to holsters. I have one for my Glock 17, now this one and I will buy an enigma chassis when they drop again. They’re simple but have something that no other holster brings to the market. Philly has been changing the holster game for 10+ years and its not stopping here.

  15. ken-1175 (verified owner)

    Great holster. Tight fit with an audible click when seating the pistol. The belt clip is a little difficult to get on and off, but that’s probably a good thing, as a practical matter. My *ony* complaint is similar to what I wrote about the City Special PHLster for my S&W Model 360PD. I have a P365 SAS with no extruding sights, but the 365 holster has a large protrusion for suppressor height sights. Like my City Special version, which accommodates longer barrels, I wish I could get a Skeleton optimized for the SAS model of the 365. PHLster is my go-to holster company. Nice work!

  16. hannahpolevoi-7551 (verified owner)

    Love Love Love this holster! So thin and shorter than the Pro Series Holster. I have a Glock43X and the Pro Series Holster would push on my pelvic bone. The skeleton sits perfectly and saves me that extra inch. I barley know its there anymore! Love this!

  17. coverthawk (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic holster. Purchased for my Sig P365 with an optic and extended barrel and the fit is perfect and the design is so streamlined and comfortable to wear. Works PERFECTLY with enigma system as well. HIGHLY recommended.

  18. etadrum (verified owner)

    Combined with the Enigma, I forget it’s even there. Very well made holster that is only as big as it has to be. It doesn’t have any sharp corners like so many holsters on the market. It’s cut for a RDS, and you can access the mag release if needed. I have two tiny nitpicks. 1, I think the front sight channel is a little too large. (I’m running a 507k on my 43X MOS utilizing a CHPWS plate.) I could easily stack 4 standard height front sights on top of each other in channel and still clear. The reason this is a bit of an annoyance? One of my enigma screws for the belt gets caught on it. 2, It could maybe use a touch more retention, but that is personal preference and an easy fix with a heat gun/hairdryer. FOR THE RECORD, I have never had the gun pop out while doing jumping jacks or running. It has a positive and audible snap when re-holstering. Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the Skeleton and Enigma as a pair. I am 5’10” 155lbs size 30 waist. Hope this review was helpful! Thank you for making awesome products.

  19. dominickscotto4 (verified owner)

    I Recently purchased this holster about a week ago. Its extremely comfortable. In my honest opinion I believe I Received a defective holster. According to the other reviews there is great retention and an ” audible satisfying click” when holstering. My holster did not have such thing. This is my second holster my first was a Glock 26 skeleton holster I think the first generation Phlster. This was the most comfortable and had great retention, and I carried it everyday for years and recommended is to quite a few co workers who went on to buy their own. I wish I can say the same about the sig P365 skeleton. There is barley any retention, just adjusting the firearm in the waistband would remove it from the holster. I was told when I reached out to Customer service for an exchange that, that’s just the way they are due to the frame size compared to the Glock 26. At first I wanted to return this holster but I instead decided to modify it for a tighter fit so the Firearm will not fall out if turned upside down. Its still Very comfortable that’s the only reason for the 3 stars. I wish there was another option C.S. would have given other than just return it if your not happy.

  20. Timothy Hogg (verified owner)

    I have the Enigma system and the Pro holster and I found I needed a narrower and shorter option. The Skeleton (G19) holster is perfect for me! My carry position is low and front. My body morphology make it less viable for a high off center position for the Enigma. If I was carrying high and off center I would use the Pro, but when I’m carrying low and center, the Skeleton solves all my problems. BEST SYSTEM AVAILABLE, thank you <3

  21. tonytooley (verified owner)

    I really love this holster I have the city special that I’ve been using for the last 6 months with my Smith & Wesson j frame. I just picked up a Glock model 45 and wanted to use that with the enigma system so I purchased the skeleton holster which fits the Glock model 45 perfect. I have yet to try the skeleton holster out because I mostly carry my city special. I bought this skeleton to use with the enigma system which I have not purchased yet. Great company I wish they made holsters for more models I would like to get one for my Walther PPS

  22. charlocity2 (verified owner)

    This was my first AIWB holster with a wing. Previously I had been trying to carry my Shield in a wingless AIWB holster from another manufacturer. (I couldn’t have added a wing to that one even if I wanted to). Therefore that other holster had many of the classic AIWB challenges: rotation, tuck, etc. Honestly, I expected some of the same had to be accepted with ANY AIWB holster (“…it’s not supposed to be comfortABLE, it’s supposed to be comfortING…”) The Skeleton I bought was for my bigger carry (G19). Imagine my surprise when that compact in a Skeleton carried easier than my subcompact Shield, in that other holster! I honestly forget it’s even there. Very satisfying retention. Looking forward to pairing it with a standard Enigma (on the way).

  23. matt.pearlman (verified owner)

    I got this holster for use with the Enigma, but before I messed around with the Enigma, I decided to rock this holster AIWB, and it’s remarkably comfortable. Mine needs slight retention adjustment for my p365 to get it how I like, but that is easy enough. It’s my first holster with a wing, and it makes a huge difference to me. Definitely wouldn’t hesitate to get another one of these, and can’t wait to get my Enigma dialed in ?

  24. Clint A Alvarez (verified owner)

    The first thing I noticed is the holster does not have a good firm hold of the firearm. With no ammo or changes to P365x Macro weight, when tipped upside down the slightest shake will release the firearm. this is not good in my book but a little tweak with the retention indents will fix this. The Plastic clip needs to be changed out, it feels like it will brake every time i take it off. overall after 3 weeks of everyday use it is comfortable. outside the clip it is very well made. The trigger cover is the best one I had yet, I’m confident that nothing can accidently get to the trigger.

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