PHLster Classic Holster
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PHLster Classic Holster

$79.99 $59.99


For AIWB Carry.

Fit options for:
Glock 26/27/33, 19/23/32, 17/22/31, 34/35, Sig P320, Sig P365/XL, CZ P10C, HK VP9, FN 509, and M&P 2.0

(P365 fits 365 AND XL)

(Right handed only, at this time.)

Features: Ergonomic molding, anti-printing hardware, adjustable snap loop.


(16 customer reviews)


The PHLster Classic encapsulates the PHLster minimalist ethic as applied to feature-rich, premium AIWB holsters. The established trend of premium AIWB holsters is to attempt to solve comfort and concealment problems by attaching an array of accessories to the holster or to use time-consuming and inconsistent hand forming to smooth out the sharp forms associated with molding around a gun.

In November 2016, we developed the Classic as a small batch Custom Shop design experiment to determine if we could leverage the technology which brought efficiency and quality improvements to our other products to solve the problems of price, size, and complexity inflation which exist in the premium AIWB market.

Like the trend-setting ACCESS holster it replaces, the Classic relies on a single tuckable strut and soft loop belt attachment, to allow some anatomical sympathy and move slightly as the body articulates through the range of motion typical of strenuous or violent activity. For this, we’re using our brand new grip-tucking wing strut. Adjustable for ride height and angle and providing an inward tuck to the gun grip, the Classic fits the body like it’s tailored. And with the wing of the TuckStrut adding stability, you won’t miss the second loop.

Using improved modeling and thermoforming, we’ve been able to replace external holster accessories, like foam wedges or bolt-on parts, with an in-molded teardrop-shaped feature which ensures that a smooth, round, organic-shaped form encounters the body at a troublesome AIWB hot-spot, instead of an angular muzzle shape. This teardrop is also tall enough that it gently angles the gun inward to the body, aiding concealment.

The Classic has non-adjustable retention, tuned to be perfect out of the box. With a crisp, smooth draw and a positive lockup, the Classic secures the pistol against vigorous and violent activity while providing a consistent, deliberate presentation. No failure-prone hardware, no adjusters to come loose, and none of the disappointment of bottoming out the adjuster only to still find mushy retention.

Combined with our TuckStrut and a full-height, optic-clearanced body shield, the PHLster Classic delivers premium AIWB features in a comfortable, simple, reliable, and affordable package.

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 3 in
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Glock 26/27/33, 19/23/32, 17/22/31, 34/35, Sig P320, Sig P365XL, CZ P10C, HK VP9, FN 509, M&P 1.0 and 2.0

16 reviews for PHLster Classic Holster

  1. buellxb422 (verified owner)

    Purchased this holster for the fn509 tactical. Fit,finish and retention is perfect. Have holsters from other manufacturers and this has to be the best on the market. You get what you pay for.

  2. JohnES (verified owner)

    Purchased this holster for a Glock 19 – Absolutely PERFECT! Fit, finish, feel, retention is spot on and zero printing. It’s so comfortable to wear I almost forget I have it on. Highly recommend this company, it’s people, and their products to everyone I talk to. Keep up the great work guys!

  3. Carter Rock (verified owner)

    Purchased for a CZ P-10C and it is the high quality that I’ve come to expect from Phlster. The big positives are that there is not a conventional claw so the overall footprint is small in the pants. Another being the integrated wedge, though for me I could have preferred a larger one. The drawback I found with this holster was the ride height adjustability. Raising the soft loop and the strut to ride in the highest position on the holster left me with something to desire as it would slightly dump forwards out of my beltline with the lack of gun/holster under the belt (it should be noted that this may sound big but being in an NPE daily forces me to be very cognizant of my concealment, for the average person’s daily use this is excellent). The only other thing I wished that is small is an option for a DCC Mod W or similar clamping steel clip option instead of the soft loop.

  4. Brandon (verified owner)

    Purchased this holster for my Glock 19 and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s a high quality holster with the perfect fit, retention and concealment. Highly recommended

  5. eric.collins75 (verified owner)

    I’m very new to concealed carry, still getting used to the feel of the holster and the gun against me. The retention is definitely positive and I appreciate the instructions for “my holster feels too tight” on YouTube. As far as the holster goes, it is high quality at a very reasonable price. There are quite a few holsters out there that are considerably more expensive but the fit and finish of the PHLster classic is definitely on par or better.

  6. Ryan McCann (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these for my Sig Sauer X-Carry. I was a little hesitant to order one at first because of the single loop but I rolled the dice anyway. I was not disappointed. I’ve been running it for EDC and classes for about a month and a half now. No Complaints. Solid work.

  7. meathead177 (verified owner)

    Ordered this for a Glock 17. I’m a kinda big guy 6′ 225lb with a root beer belly and was concerned about it printing. I previously had a g-code incog but it printed too bad when carrying appendix. This holster barely prints even with just a thin solid t-shirt and I don’t have to crank my belt down either. I added Velcro and a foam pad to the back but it isn’t necessary and half the time I take the pad off. I was also concerned about the single loop but after trying it I realize there is no need for 2. The quality is great and I have already recommended it to co-workers. I still think this is the best holster out and wouldn’t hesitate ordering it again.

  8. Daniel Byrum (verified owner)

    Best AIWB holster I’ve had. Comfortable to wear while sitting down, and I’m not a small guy. Doesn’t print while wearing a t shirt.

  9. peterschang (verified owner)

    I ordered this for a G26. But was concerned that the holster was a one-size-fit-all for the Glock 9mm, which implied industrial laziness. But after crossing emails, I was enlightened by the design. When the holster came, I noticed that the whole package contour was very streamlined and easy to put on. I’ve been struggling with AIWB holsters in general (lots of sharp edges, difficulties in installation, and mostly discomfort when wearing sitting down), and was on the verge of giving up and returning to the IWB carry model. This is the first holster that is comfortable and designed with ergonomic considerations. I am hooked and will be on the lookout for the G48/G43 version.

  10. Benjamin.barhorst (verified owner)

    Purchased this product for Glock 27, first AIWB holster I’ve tried and probably the only one I’ll try as I’m now hooked on PHLSTER. It’s very ergonomic, comfortable when sitting, even for long periods, and you’d have to be looking for printing to notice it at all. The company is also very responsive to any and all questions about their products and company standards! I will be happy to do business with them again!

  11. Tevin Holt (verified owner)

    Fit and Finish are great, quality holster from quality folks.
    Holster purchased for P10C

  12. Rob (verified owner)

    Minimalism wins. Carrying this with a Glock 17 and have yet to experience an issue. It is a comfortable rig and I am not a slim person. The adjustable ride height and cant make the piece what it is. Throw in the wing strut, and it’s not easily rivaled. This is my new standard.

  13. Brian Richmond (verified owner)

    The Best Holster Out There!! Great job!!

  14. Kurt Noelte (verified owner)

    ** RH IWB Black – for G19 with PMM comp and MOS**
    – Smooth fit. Very modular for angle and belt size. Reasonable price. Comfortable
    – Strap tip was frayed right out of the gate. I believe it should have been sealed like the rest of the strap but the button was installed too close to the edge causing it to bend/burst the seal. I tried cleaning it up with a pocket knife but all the little fiber threads keep coming out. I’m going to keep wearing it to see if it goes away, fear is that the button will come off eventually as the fibers rub out with use.

    • Jonathan Hauptman

      Hi Kurt,

      The soft loops are cut from spools of material and only the long sides will be fully sealed. A small amount of fray or stray threads from the woven nylon core is totally normal and will not get worse. If it really bothers you, you can singe it with a lighter, like shock cord or paracord.

  15. Ronan Ireland (verified owner)

    This has been my main holster for about 4 months and some change. Really good concealment and perfect retention once it’s broken in. The single loop tuckstrut design allows the holster to move around a little with your body, just like it’s supposed to. I don’t like having a second loop because the snap always prints for me. The only thing I could complain about is the comfort over long periods of time. On long road trips mainly, where a seatbelt is adding additional tension to the wedge I would recommend loosening your belt a little Or a lot to reduce the force from the wedge on your body. I believe the current pro wedge is a lot better for driving, but for me at least the comfort difference is not a huge deal outside of driving. Overall really excellent holster and if the wedge was updated would be really close to perfect.

  16. George T (verified owner)

    Besides the rather amazingly fast delivery, the fit and finish is first rate, the positive, wiggle-free fit to the firearm (VP9 with RMR) is as good as it gets, the wedge is just right for me and the “pull the dot” snap is a proven and secure solution I’ve used for 30 years on other holsters with great results. Great price. Now, please do something similar for a P30 😉

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