LowV Mod2 Ankle Pouch


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Designed originally for law enforcement and security specialists, the Activity Group LowV Ankle ATK4 Trauma contains the necessary critical trauma care components to treat injuries resulting in severe bleeding, gunshot wounds, and lacerations. The LowV system is a multi-use tool that can be carried on the ankle or used as a cummerbund for soft body armor.

The LowV ATK4 is a must for everyday duty carrier or undercover work and keeps critical items within arms reach in case of an emergency situation.

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Weight .3 lbs

Black, Grey, Tan

1 review for LowV Mod2 Ankle Pouch

  1. Joseph Diehl, Jr. (verified owner)

    Seeing that there are no reviews, videos, pictures or anything about this kit outside of the product photos, I decided to pull the trigger on this based on reputation alone. I have not been let down by a PHLster product yet, and I’m glad to say the trend continues.

    Right out of the package, the materials feel high quality. The cuff itself feels similar to the PEW, and has just enough elasticity to securely hold your equipment without having to fight it into and out of the pockets. The inside of the cuff is padded with what appears to be neoprene, which keeps it comfortable for extended wear, and prevents you from getting jabbed by the hard corners of your equipment packaging. The hook and loop is insanely secure, to the point where it can be somewhat difficult to get the sleeve off one-handed at first. It certainly ain’t going anywhere unless you want it to.

    I purchased this to replace my Warrior Poet Society kit, which does hold much more equipment, but was far too bulky in regular pants, even when minimally loaded. I currently have the LowV stocked with a Gen 4 SOFT-TW, HyFin Compact chest seals, H&H Mini-Compression Bandage, QuikClot Combat Gauze, NAR ARS decompression needle, and a pair of gloves. Loaded as such, the storage capacity is basically maxed out, but it still conceals well under standard pants or jeans (and is also a perfect sweatpants companion to the Enigma!) It does also work as a cummerbund for my soft armor carrier, and is comfortable when used as such, but using it in that way is just not practical for my application.

    My only complaint at this time is that the securing loops over each of the pockets could stand to be a bit longer – even an extra inch would be great. It’s a bit of a stretch getting the loop secured over a SOFT-TW in the smaller pocket, and there’s not a chance that it would fit over any other TQ placed in that pocket, nor does it work well with a TRAC clip on the SOFT-TW. Similar issue with the middle pocket flap – it does close over my compression bandage and chest seals, but a little extra length would be nice to accommodate equipment with taller packaging that cannot be folded. I haven’t have any issues with the loop on the large pocket with my setup, but taller items stored there will have the same issue.

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