Glock Classic Holster


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For AIWB Carry.

Fits: Glock 26/27/33, 19/23/32, 17/22/31, 34/35

Features: Ergonomic molding, anti-printing hardware, adjustable snap loop.

Compatible with: slide mounted optics, suppressor height sights, compensators.

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We have moved all of our classic holsters to a single product page. Click here to go to that page…

The PHLster Classic encapsulates the PHLster minimalist ethic as applied to feature-rich, premium AIWB holsters. The established trend of premium AIWB holsters is to attempt to solve comfort and concealment problems through attaching an array of accessories to the holster or to use time-consuming and inconsistent hand forming to smooth out the sharp forms associated with molding around a gun and then pass these costs on to the customer.

In November 2016, we developed the Classic as a small batch Custom Shop design experiment to determine if we could leverage the technology which brought efficiency and quality improvements to our other products to solve the problems of price, size, and complexity inflation which exist in the premium AIWB market.

The Classic has become our flagship AIWB holster. Like the trend-setting ACCESS holster it replaces, the Classic relies on a single tuckable strut and soft loop belt attachment, to allow some anatomical sympathy and move slightly as the body articulates through the range of motion typical of strenuous or violent activity. For this, we’re using our brand new grip-tucking wing strut. Adjustable for ride height and angle and providing an inward tuck to the gun grip, the Classic fits the body like it’s tailored. And with the wing of the TuckStrut adding stability, you won’t miss the second loop.

Using improved modeling and thermoforming, we’ve been able to replace external holster accessories, like foam wedges or bolt-on parts, with an in-molded teardrop-shaped feature which ensures that a smooth, round, organic-shaped form encounters the body at a troublesome AIWB hot-spot, instead of an angular muzzle shape. This teardrop is also tall enough that it gently angles the gun inward to the body, aiding concealment.

Like all PHLster holsters, the Classic has non-adjustable retention, tuned to be perfect out of the box. With a crisp, smooth draw and a positive lockup, the Classic secures the pistol against vigorous and violent activity while providing a consistent, deliberate presentation. No failure-prone hardware, no adjusters to come loose, and none of the disappointment of bottoming out the adjuster only to still find mushy retention.

Combined with our TuckStrut and a full-height, optic-clearanced body shield, the PHLster Classic is our most comfortable and concealable holster ever, delivering premium AIWB features in a comfortable, simple, reliable, and affordable package.


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