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The Floodlight1 is a universalized holster, made to accept most service-grade pistols capable of attaching one of the following lights:

  • Modlite PL350

The Floodlight holster provides secure friction retention by indexing on the light, not the gun. Each Floodlight model is specific to the light you choose, but will accept a wide variety of full size pistols.

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The Floodlight is a universalized holster, made to accept most service-grade pistols capable of attaching one of the following lights:

  • Modlite PL350

The Floodlight holster provides secure friction retention by indexing on the light, not the gun. Each Floodlight model is specific to the light you choose, but will accept a wide variety of full size pistols.  To accomplish this, many features of the holster shell are smoothed, radiused, and regularized to accommodate the different dimensions of this wide array of firearms. (Note: The Floodlight holster cannot be used without the correct light attached to the gun.)

Like the Spotlight holster, adjustable retention is included, allowing the user to increase or decrease the friction retention on the body of the WML to tune the draw to their preference. Turn the screws attaching the ModWing grip-tucking hardware to dial the retention to your preference.

In order to ensure the best possible fit and retention across the widest variety of pistols, the Floodlight is a two-piece design. It features adjustable slide contact. By shortening or lengthening the shock cord connected the two halves, users can reduce or eliminate play, rattle, and slop when switching between guns that have different slide dimensions. See Instructions here.

The Floodlight, like the Skeleton, is ambidextrous and can be worn AIWB or strong-side IWB, using either soft loops or clips (included). Reduced, lower-profile ergonomic molding improves comfort in a variety of carry positions and provides an ideal attachment point for your choice of aftermarket ergonomic wedge or DIY solution.

Like all of our holsters, the Floodlight accommodates muzzle devices, suppressor height sights, and slide-mounted optics.

The Floodlight confirmed fit list is as follows:

1911 and 2011 pistols

Glock 19/17/34 (and .40 and .357 variants)

Glock 20/21

S&W M&P and SD series pistols

HK VP9, VP40, and P30

FN 509 and FNS

CZ P10, P07, P09, 75 SP01

Sig P226, 229, 220, and P320

Walther PPQ (any gen)

Polymer 80

Beretta 92, M9, PX4, APX

XD and XDM

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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Black, OD Green, Tan, Wolf Gray

20 reviews for Floodlight1

  1. ctdavis93 (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting this holster since I heard many great things about it via the Primary & Seconday YouTube channel. Boy, it does NOT dissapoint. It feels great, very comfortable in seated positions, works well at eliminating print, great retention on the Surefire 300, and pairs oh so nice with the Discreet Carry Concepts clips. If you have a light bearing handgun and are in need of a holster….look no further. Place the order!

  2. steven lemieux (verified owner)

    Great holster so far, conceals well with all of my full size guns. If you want to carry with a duty type weapon light and you have more than 1 gun you like to carry, this is the answer. I have a Glock 19X with ppm comp and an rmr and it fits with no issues. Glock 20, CZ P09 with comp, Sig p320 legion with 507C, 1911(with rail obviously), all fit. The price tag of the Floodlight seemed a whole lot smaller when I realized how many holsters I have for these guns already.

  3. will24shep (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Everything i get from here is top notch. Love the Floodlight!! Have one for TLR and X300u

  4. officer.rmcintyre (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with the floodlight. Beat holster I ever purchased. My G19 with rmr disappears in jeans and a t-shirt. Works just as well on my 17 and 320.

  5. jrowles079 (verified owner)

    Best holster I own. I thought that I was comfortable with the previous holsters Ive used, but the minute I put this holster on in knew i made the right choice. Love being able to adjust the holster if i decide to carry a different gun.

  6. Cameron Thrall (verified owner)

    I love it and will be buying the OWB Works on my glock22,35, Glock21sfp, arsenal Strike one. Definitely recommend

  7. Anthony Fiorino (verified owner)

    Surprisingly comfortable for a full size with WML inside the waistband. I like that it comes with the clips as well as the loops. Fits all my guns without issue and requires very little or no adjustment when switching platforms. Shipping was fast. If you want to carry multiple guns concealed this is the only way to go and will save a ton of money no having to buy a dedicated holster for each gun.

  8. edwardjordan3rd (verified owner)

    not a fan for many reasons, extremely uncomfortable.

    • Jonathan Hauptman

      Hi Edward,

      We’re always happy to help you get your new gear adjusted and to accept returns of items within 30 days.

  9. ajmacksey (verified owner)

    My new favorite holster. I own a LOT of holsters. This truly is amazing. This thing makes appendix carrying a Beretta 92x performance very possible, and very comfortable. Prints the least out of all of my holsters. I’m very happy with this holster and will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great EDC holster that will fit a wide range of pistols. For reference, I tried to see it my full size p320 with an o light Valkyrie 2, and it actually fit amazingly, so great in fact I’d also totally trust and will use this for my p320. Will be ordering all variations of this holster tlr1 x300 IWB and OWB. Awesome job guys. Aside from the great holster, also received great service with super fast shipping. I rarely take the time to write a review if that tells you how satisfied I am!

  10. Thomas Sasser (verified owner)

    I must admit: I did not like this holster at the beginning. It was uncomfortable because it was not adjusted properly. I switched to a single Discreet Carry Concepts Mod 4 clip for 1.5″ belt on the wing side of the front attachment point. This provides enough stability while allowing the holster to adjust itself to my body, pants and belt combination. Height adjustment is important and the DCC clip offers approximately 1/4″ of vertical adjustment between the holes it uses. The holster itself allows at least 1″ of vertical adjustment.

    Next, I added a foam wedge pad from KSG Armory. Their wedges are softer and wider than JM Custom Kydex and others. I do not place it straight. Instead, I angle it so it covers the corner of at the bottom of the weapon light.

    The holster works with most of my guns that have a Streamlight TLR-1 mounted. It works with a Glock 21, 17, 1911, etc. Here is a secret: It works with a SIG M17 with Olight PL Mini 2! The reason is that the gun’s slide shape doesn’t really work that well with the holster and a TLR-1. But, with the OLight, it fits perfectly and the OLIGHT’s throw lever does not bind on the holster. I like this setup so much that I purchased a second Floodlight that I will cut off to the correct length for additional comfort.

  11. Thomas Sasser (verified owner)

    I acquired my second Floodlight holster for my SIG M17 Bravo. I recently acquired a 3.9″ slide for it. I replaced the grip module with one from Wilson Combat. This combination makes for a gun that is of the same proportions as a Glock 45, but with a far more comfortable grip.

    I mounted the Olight PL Mini 2 on the rail. I then removed material from the bottom of the holster for a “shorty” version that extends about 1/4″ past the muzzle. One hole had to be removed, but the cord system still holds the gun securely when turned upside down. I added the KSG Armory wedge and used the included Pull-the-Dot loops. The holster is now perfect for concealed carry with the SIG “M17 Carry/M18 Bravo”. There is no pinching or hot spots.

  12. Robert Kuge (verified owner)

    I found the Floodlight almost by accident. I was looking for a AWIB light bearing holster for my Wilson Combat/Beretta Brigadier Tactical, which was like finding hens teeth. JM would do it for a SF X300 but for a substantial up charge, for the tool up. He makes one for a SF XC-1 but I never had good luck with that light…constantly ran into switch failures.

    Anyway, I’d heard of Phlster when he was a one man shop, but never bought a holster from him. I reluctantly bought the FL, but in the back of my mind I wasn’t expecting much. The cost of the experiment was cheaper than paying $400-$500 for a dedicated index holster though…no way was I doing that. Buuuut….IME, anything that’s “universal” never really does anything great, and it’s just better to buy the dedicated version for whatever it is you’re trying to do.

    When it arrived it just looked like there’s no way this holster was gonna be comfortable AWIB. It’s got too many bump outs, ridges, and angles to be comfortable. I wore it around the house and it was surprisingly comfortable. I took the advise from a review I read and added a pad to the skin side of the holster. I basically took a Superfeet insole and used the cup of the heel as the “wedge”. I secured it with some velcro. Worked great.

    After about a year + of use, the velcro starting unsticking itself from the holster so I decided to just rip it off and wear it sans wedge….it felt even better. I’m not sure if the wedge/pad just allowed my body to get used to the holster in a more comfortable way or if I had just decided in the beginning that it was uncomfortable, so it just was regardless of the reality. In either case, it’s a great holster. It’s probably the best weapon bearing holster I’ve worn. It also fits every railed gun I’ve put in it as long as it has the X300 on it (1911, M&P, USP, Glock, railed P-series Sigs, Beretta APX).

    I carry concealed everyday. I’ve carried in this manner on the job and off for the last 20yrs. I own boxes and boxes of holsters both issued and mostly purchased, and the fact that I can switch up guns but still have the feel of the same holster against my body is a huge benefit. I don’t have to worry about loop placement, ride height, cant, etc…as I would if I had to swap out to a different holster.

    I’m interested in trying out the Enigma now. Like the FL, it just does’t seem like it’d work very well, but now, I’m willing to put my trust in Phlster after being proven wrong about the FL. FWIW, I just bought my second FL but in OD green, cause colors weren’t available originally, and because I plan on converting the black holster to OWB.

    Interesting about the Olight Valkyrie…..might have to give that light a try in the X300 FL

  13. seanco66 (verified owner)

    Love this holster! Full disclosure, I purchased this holster to have as a backup while I was waiting for my main holster to be repaired. After wearing this for only a day I now know that this will be my main carry holster! This holster is super comfortable and I love that I can use it in either the AIWB position or strong side IWB.I use it as my EDC and It carries my Glock 17 with Surefire X300U-A and Trijicon RMR with ease. There are times I have to discreetly reach back and actually touch the Glock to reassure myself that its still there. Thats how comfortable it is. I cant properly express how impressed and happy I am with this holster!

  14. adtyler09 (verified owner)

    Was apprehensive about a holster that can fit multiple guns based on a light…. boy was I wrong! This holster is magnificent. Whether I’m carrying my 226 with a 20rnd mag or a masada or my cz p10f they all fit. Not to mention it super comfy and well built! Would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants a great holster that can carry multiple guns without buying 100 holsters! Will definitely be buying more from you guys and will most certainly be telling everyone I can about this fantastic product!

  15. Thomas Sasser (verified owner)

    It is now a few months later and I’ve been using both the regular Floodlight and my “shorty” Floodlight. I definitely prefer the “shorty” version and really encourage PHLster to make this version for mini lights like the Surefire XC1b and Olight PL MINI 2.

    Good news for future shoppers: My shorty version works with the SIG P229 Legion SAO with Olight PL MINI 2 mounted! So, it it is confirmed to work with the SIG M18/P320 and Olight PL Mini 2. All you have to do is tighten the retention, though with the P229 I will have to swap out the o-rings for slightly thinner rings to tighten it down where it needs to be.

  16. John Linford (verified owner)

    Phenomenal holster. It grips the light perfectly and doesn’t move during the day, no matter what I do. I’ve worn if concealed AIWB while hiking and barely noticed it. Super high quality all over. The Discreet Carry clips are an excellent upgrade.

  17. will24shep (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. I’ve purchased 3 and it is my go to wml holster choice. Takes away the stress when purchasing a new firearm knowing you already have a holster for it!

  18. Justin Duda (verified owner)

    Works great. Honestly a lot more comfortable than I anticipated. I carry a VP9L with a TLR1-HL and it’s honestly just as comfortable as my G19. Not very happy with the discreet metal clips I ordered with the holster but its okay. The holster, soft loops, and plastic clips the holster comes with are great. Would recommend.

  19. twag218 (verified owner)

    Holster could have had a better finish to it(couple chips and burrs around the writing on the holster) but I’m not picky. Can confirm this holster works well and WILL fit a Five Seven MK3!

  20. andrewz423 (verified owner)

    Really amazing in both concept and execution. Although it is a true “universal” light bearing holster, it absolutely perfoms and appears to be a gun-specific holster in fit, finish and function. It’s a little big, but that’s because it has to accommodate a wide range of guns. So it’ll be most comfortable when adjusted and used for a G19 or similar compact pistol.

    Hey Jon and Sarah, since Phlster is an innovative company, I have a fantastic idea for you: for the OWB Floodlight, extend the kydex up a bit the on the front and back edges of the opening, like “double sweatguard.” Then, add a retention hood. Poof! You will have created an actual universal, light bearing duty holster that actually looks cool, and works like it was made for whatever gun it is used for. When you want to change platforms, just drop it in there. No more need to buy a $150 to $200+ duty holster for each gun and then futz around with QLS or RTI systems. Good idea, huh.

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