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FastBreathe Thoracic Seal (FTS)



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**Current lot expiration date is 2024**

FastBreathe Thoracic Seal (FTS) is intended for use in emergency situations to treat penetrating thoracic (chest) wounds that could compress the pleural space of the thoracic cavity. A penetrating chest injury could lead to a potentially life-threatening condition known as Tension Pneumothorax (collapsed lung) if left untreated.

The FTS seal uses proprietary Hydrogel to form an aggressive bond to the skin around the wound, allowing air to escape the pleural cavity and help prevent Tension Pneumothorax. The FTS unique noncompressible side venting one valve will function under clothing, armor, and coverings.

FTS out-performed other chest seals in adhesion (non-peeling) in side-by-side testing conducted in a recent DoD comparative study.

• Proprietary FTS Hydrogel provides maximum adhesion sticks to dirty, wet, and bloody skin.
• Package includes absorbent wipe for use prior to application of FTS that absorbs up 8 times its weight.
• Unique & durable 360-degree side venting once-way valve.
• Valve allows venting the slightest air pressure (.05 PSI) in the pleural cavity.
• Can be placed up, down, or sideways and covered with clothing, blankets, or body armor without obstructing airflow.
• Provides quick visual verification of functioning valve through translucent magnified clear top.
• Easily removed by lifting slightly and adding sterile water.
• Developed with input from US military to comply with new TCCC guidelines for penetrating thoracic wounds.
• 5-year shelf life – will not develop “channeling” in folded areas.
• Tested at prolonged exposure of 140 F
• Sterile Product
• Weight: 1.8oz
• Package Dimensions: 4.5×3.9x.08 in / 11.4×9.8×2.5 cm
• Seal Dimensions: 6.0×6.0x.04 in / 15.24×15.24×1.0 cm
• FTS is U.S. Patent and is Worldwide Patents Pending.

Additional information

Weight 1.7000 lbs
Dimensions 4.5000 × 3.7500 × 1.0000 in


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