Fast Combat Wound Seal (CWS)

Fast Combat Wound Seal (CWS)


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The FastTrack Medical Solutions Combat Wound Seal (CWS), is one of the most advanced occlusive wound seals on the market today and boasts numerous improvements over other currently available adhesive bandages. CWS is a multi-use wound seal that should be included in every aid bag. Can be cut and trimmed.

CWS is intended for use in emergency situations to cover and secure a wound dressing and to protect against abrasion, friction, desiccation, and contamination. The CWS seal uses a proprietary hydrogel to form an aggressive bond to the skin around the wound to create an occlusive seal. The CWS can be cut to shape and can be used to cover lacerations, puncture wounds, and abrasions.

The CWS ability to be folded into a compact cube shape, measuring just 4”x4” allows it to be carried in most IFAKs and aid bags. CWS may be used as an occlusive dressing to treat penetrating wounds alone but is recommended to be used in conjunction for FTS Thoracic Seal or another vented thoracic seal to prevent tension pneumothorax.

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  • Proprietary CWS hydrogel provides maximum adhesion, sticking to dirty, wet and bloody skin.
  • Package includes absorbent wipe for use prior to application of CWS that can absorb up to 8 times its weight.
  • Easily removed by lifting slightly and adding sterile water.
  • Developed with input from US military to comply with new TCCC guidelines for penetrating thoracic wounds.
  • 5 Year shelf life – will not develop “channeling” in folded ares.
  • Tested at prolonged exposure of 140F

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