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Reasons Why Light Bearing Holsters Don’t Work With the Standard Enigma

One question we get fairly regularly is WHY you can’t use a light bearing holster on a Standard Enigma or Enigma Express. Short answer: it’s unsafe.
Longer answer: while holster design is complicated, we’ve broken down three of the main reasons why into simple illustrations. This is not an inclusive list, and there are many finer points to holster design that aren’t included here. But this will give you a general idea of the factors we consider when making safety recommendations.
We take safety EXTREMELY seriously. If we tell you not to use a particular holster with the Enigma, it’s because our experience tells us that your assembly could fail and put you in danger. The failure points may not be obvious to you at first glance, but they’re obvious to us, and we’re genuinely trying to help.
Please take our instructions, safety requirements, and recommendations seriously. Do not use our products in a manner contrary to the product instructions. Thoroughly read the safety information, and follow it like your life depends on it.
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