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Light Bearing Enigma: Why is it made like this?

The materials, and design of the Enigma were carefully selected to create the most optimal performance for the user. The Light Bearing Enigma (LBE) uses four screws to attach the faceplate to the clip mounting holes on the face of the holster. The LBE has a different mounting system than the Standard Enigma in order to accommodate for the weight and dimensions of a gun paired with a weapon light or laser.

LBE Mounting System


The Enigma faceplate is made from Tegris, a thin and strong material that we have shaped to help conceal a gun with no extra bulk or weight. It can withstand repeated flexing without cracking, fraying, or breaking. The wing-shaped faceplate comes with 8 adjustment holes that let you control things like cant, grip tuck, and slide tuck.

LBE Faceplate


The Enigma comes with a simple nylon belt. The lack of stretch prevents your gun from bouncing, and the thin material keeps the system low profile. The fidlock buckle holds the enigma securely to your body, while allowing you to easily attach and detach your belt.

Nylon Belt

Leg Leash:

It comes with a nylon leg leash that allows you to draw your firearm without the holster moving up as you draw. We tested the enigma in ground-fighting scenarios, and learned that the system needed something to keep it anchored in position during these activities. The leg leash is like a seatbelt, you don’t need it until the very moment that you do. When the leg leash is adjusted right it should be hardly noticeable.

Leg Leash Attachment

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