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Light Bearing Enigma – Is Your Holster Shorter Than the Faceplate?

The LBE was designed for the Floodlight holster, which accommodates full size lights and duty-sized weapons. If your holster shell is smaller than the floodlight, the leg leash attachment point may stick out past the shell, which can make it dig into your thigh when seated.

When using the LBE with a smaller shell, you can solve this issue by folding the leg leash attachment under the faceplate and trapping it under the faceplate or under the nearest screw.  See the video and pictures below for more details.

NOTE: Normally we say not to crease the faceplate material, however the leg leash is a low stress part, so this is fine.

DO NOT CUT OR MODIFY YOUR FACEPLATE. See the Enigma Safety page for more details.

Fold the leg leash tab under and trap it underneath the nearest screw.
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