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Light Bearing Enigma: How does it work?

The Light Bearing Enigma (LBE) uses four screws to attach the faceplate to the clip mounting holes on the face of the holster.

LBE Mounting System

The LBE has a different mounting system than the Standard Enigma in order to accommodate for the weight and dimensions of a gun paired with a weapon light (WML) or laser. The attachment system is still widely supported by many other holster company’s, but note that small or uncommon WML can be more difficult to find a holster for, please read through our holster fit guide, and find a compatible holster before purchasing the Light Bearing Enigma. 


Once you mount your holster to the faceplate, you can choose 2 of the 8 adjustment holes to attach the belt and move the holster in different ways. This is how the Enigma produces great concealment. Enigma comes disassembled so that you can customize it for your body type and concealment needs. To get the best concealment for your body, check out the educational resources available in our Light Bearing Enigma Academy. We suggest watching assembly videos, and selecting a compatible holster before you buy the Enigma.

4 of the 8 adjustment holes available on the Light Bearing Enigma

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