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Concealment Worksheet

If you need help with concealing your gun, start here. This worksheet walks you through the process of finding your concealment boundaries, finding your sweet spot, and using the Poke and Check method to fine tune your concealment. This will help you identify any concealment or comfort problems, then observe the causes and effects as you experiment with solutions.

It also makes it easier to get help from PHLster customer service, or from the PHLster community. Sharing your worksheet allows us to see exactly what you’ve already tried, and what the results were. That helps us give you better advice, and gets you on the path to successful concealment faster.

Download the worksheet here. 


Direct links to the videos:

Boundaries (Concealed Carry Comfort):

Sweet Spot:

Poke and check:

All of these resources, and more, can also be found on our Basic Concealment Mechanics page.

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