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PHLster Concealment Class – View Ahead Assignment

Welcome! This page has view-ahead material for the instructor level PHLster concealment classes. Please watch this video playlist before class. Because this is a more advanced class, getting familiar with these concepts and principles will help us use our class time more efficiently, and allow us to spend more time on hands-on application, as well as in-depth discussion and questions.

This playlist contains 10 videos on the basic Concealment Mechanics principles we use to make guns conceal on the body. The total time investment is about one hour.

Some of this material may already be familiar to you, but we’d appreciate it if you would watch the videos anyway, even if you already understand the concepts. In class, we’ll be using the specific language and terminology from the videos. This helps us standardize the concealment discussion, which makes it easier to share ideas and insights among ourselves, and with the wider community.

Direct link to video playlist on YouTube:

Or watch it here:

You can also find in-depth information, blog articles, and a concealment eBook on our Basic Concealment Mechanics page.

We invite you to join our Facebook group, the PHLster Concealment Workshop. It’s a large and active group, with tons of collected experiences and resources.

Thank you for participating, and please contact us if you have any questions before or after class! You can use the form here to get in touch. (Choose “Concealment/Comfort Help” from the dropdown menu.)

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