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Leg Leash Buckle Popping Off? Here’s Why

The Enigma leg leash clasp has a break-free point. This is a safety feature in the context of very extreme grappling and gun-grabs. (Use your imagination about why.) 

The leg leash provides a backup redundancy to the normal Enigma belt tension, since the pressure between the belt and the body can change if you’re in unusual positions (sitting, on your back, inverted, etc), or if you are pear shaped or hourglass shaped.

For most users, the Enigma belt should do most of the work of holding the Enigma stable when drawing.  When the Enigma belt is tight enough to hold the gun close to your body, it should be tight enough to constrain most of the vertical movement of the holster. The leg leash is there as an extra helper to help resist the retention of your kydex holster.

If the leg leash clasp is encountering it’s break free point every time you draw, here’s what to do:

1. Tighten the Enigma belt. This video shows how much a small change in belt tightness can impact the vertical movement of the holster. Notice that the leash is not connected, and the waist belt does all the real work.

2. Double check your leg leash adjustment.  The leg leash should not be under constant tension. If it’s fully tensioned and the Enigma belt is loose, then it’s resting condition is closer to the break free point. The leg leash garter and strap should have enough slack that you can do deep lunges without tensioning the system. Ensure that the garter has enough slack and that the Enigma belt is fully secured — that will eliminate the potential for the leg leash clasp to release unintentionally.

3.  If your holster has adjustable retention, make sure the retention isn’t adjusted too tightly.  Many users end up overtightening the holster’s retention in an attempt to get the Enigma faceplate tighter, which causes the gun to bind in the holster.  Solutions to this problem can be found here.