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Important product use and safety information

Improper holster use can result in serious injury or death. Read (or watch, if applicable) and understand the product instructions, as well as the manual for your gun, prior to use.

If your holster is broken, defective, or incorrect for your gun, discontinue use IMMEDIATELY and contact us at

We stand by to assist you with any questions you may have about the product, and provide any assistance you may need. Do not hesitate to contact us, should you require service.

Inside the waistband and low-profile concealment holsters require extreme care when holstering the gun, due to their proximity to the body and their potential interaction with your clothing. Do not use or carry with a low-profile concealment holster without prior training and instruction from a qualified professional firearms instructor.

Prior to use, test fit and adjust your holster with an unloaded gun.

Unless explicitly stated, the holsters are not interchangeable. Do not use your holster with a gun unless it’s explicitly on the approved fit list of guns for that holster. For example, do not use CZ or P80 guns with your Glock-specific holster. Review the holster product page at for the comprehensive fit list for your holster.

Light-bearing holsters are light-specific. Do not use your light bearing holster with any light other than the light for which the holster is approved.

Firearms which have been substantially modified from their stock configuration should not be used with these holsters. Any grip work which has significantly changed the shape or dimension of the frame or trigger guard, substantially oversized controls or levers, or excessively lightened triggers should not be used in these holsters and could create an unsafe condition.When test fitting your holster with an unloaded gun, if you discover that an extended control, tall sight, frame modification, gun coating, or other customization causes an issue with holster fit, immediately discontinue use and contact us at Do not attempt to modify your holster or your gun to improve the fit.

Check the condition and tightness of all belt mounting hardware, fasteners, and adjusting screws prior to use, every day.

Apply thread locking compound (Blue Loctite 242, Vibrate VC3, or similar) to screws and fasteners, once you’ve finalized your holster adjustments.

If your gun is equipped with a safety, always make sure that the safety is engaged when holstering your gun.

De-cock all double/single action guns before holstering.

Always keep your trigger finger as high and away from the trigger guard as possible when drawing or holstering your gun.

Always be sure to completely clear any garments from the mouth of the holster when holstering the gun. Never “speed-reholster,” and always be sure that you can observe the holster and verify that it’s clear of any foreign items or materials prior to holstering the gun. Always ensure that no part of your body is in the path of the muzzle of the gun during the process of drawing or holstering the gun.

Do not cut, heat, grind or modify the holster shell for any reason.

Do not expose your holster to excessive heat, including radiators, fireplaces, space heaters, and the hot trunk of a car.

The comfort and concealment characteristics of your holster will depend on the hardware adjustments outlined in your product’s instructions. Adjusting the holster to yourself, and adjusting yourself to the holster will take time and is highly dependent on the individual.We are committed to your satisfaction and will be happy to assist you in this process.

With proper care, your holster will last many years. However, anything man-made can wear out or break. The maintenance and longevity of this product is your responsibility. Always inspect your holster for proper fit, hardware integrity, and cracks in the shell prior to use. If your holster becomes unserviceable, do not attempt to make a repair.

If your holster becomes unserviceable, do not attempt to make a repair. Contact us immediately at and we will be happy to provide any replacement parts you might need, including any and all hardware, and including the holster shell itself. Your holster has a comprehensive lifetime warranty, which we are happy to honor at any time.