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How to Carry Extra Stuff on the Enigma

One of the most common questions we see in the PHLster Concealment Workshop is, “How do I carry XYZ with my Enigma” – So in this post we will show you how to carry a spare magazine, knife, basic trauma medical supplies, a flashlight, and oc spray all on the Enigma!

There are a number of ways you can go about carrying items on your Enigma, but keep in mind that these may not be comfortable solutions for everyone, and some of these solutions may sacrifice concealment depending on your use case, wardrobe, and body type. We can only keep so many things on our body at a time and maintain mobility, comfort and concealment, so make sure to prioritize your gear choices accordingly.

How to Carry a Spare Magazine on the Enigma

  • Henry Holsters adapters: These are awesome. The stock enigma belt threads right though these attachments, and there’s a shape for just about any magazine carrier out there.
  • Soft loops: Using a soft loop is also any option, and can be used like it would be on any other belt.

Ascent Pouch: The new ascent pouch is designed to mount directly onto the enigma belt, so all you need to do is simply thread the pouch through the enigma belt.

  • Sport Belt: Using the pockets in the sport belt is also an option here if you want to carry your spare magazine behind your hip.

How to Carry OC Spray on the Enigma

  • If you’re unable to fit your OC spray in your pocket, or you don’t have a pocket, one of the two smaller pockets in the sport belt can be an easy place to stow your OC spray
  • You can also simply slide the clip directly onto the enigma belt
Since these pockets are not sewn shut, you might want to use an OC that comes with a pocket clip like this one from POM

How to Carry a Flashlight on the Enigma

  • If you’re unable to fit your flashlight in your pocket, or you don’t have a pocket, this is another circumstance where one of the two smaller pockets in the sport belt can be an easy solution
    • Again, since these pockets are not sewn shut, you might want to use a standard pocket clip to ensure it stays securely in place
  • Much like the oc spray, if you have a typical pocket clip, you can also attach your light directly to your enigma belt

How to Carry a Knife on the Enigma

  • When it comes to carrying a folding knife, assuming you don’t have pockets or can’t use them for this purpose, we can treat them much like we do our other items with pocket style clips, and attach it to the Enigma that way, whether that’s directly to the enigma belt, or inside one of the two smaller side pockets in the sport belt
  • Fixed blade knives however are typically larger than a pocket can carry, and often come in a sheath that’s designed to be worn on a belt.
For example, this push dagger comes in a kydex sheath with a dcc clip attachment. You can simply use the dcc clip directly on the nylon enigma belt, a soft loop, or one of the adapters from Henry holsters.
  • Carrying a fixed blade knife inside the waistband can pose a concealment challenge for some. Don’t be afraid to play around with using wedges on your knife sheaths as well. The right size and shape wedge can make a big impact on both comfort and concealment even with a knife.

How to Carry Basic Medical Supplies on the Enigma

  • Carrying basic trauma medicine is an awesome thing to prioritize, but it can be tough trying to decide what specific items to prioritize keeping on your person. For this post I’m going to prioritize 1 H&H Mini Compression Bandage, 1 pair nitrile gloves, and 1 3×8 WoundClot Gauze, a set of chest seals, and a sof-t wide tourniquet.
  • I’m going to rely on the sport belt to serve as my mini IFAQ. The tourniquet will get folded, and placed in a smaller side pocket, I’ll place the quick clot gauze and the pressure dressing together and pack those into the other side pocket, and then place the mini chest seals in the center pocket.
  • There are other ways you can go about carrying medical items such as an ankle kit, in one of PHLsters PEW kits, or even in your purse, but if you’re specifically looking for a way to carry your medical inside the waistband, we think the sport belt is the simplest and most comfortable way to do that with the enigma.

Finally, we don’t necessarily recommend trying to carry every last one of these items on body, but we wanted to create this guide so that those of you outside of the PHLster Concealment Workshop could have a place to reference ideas on how to carry the various items you’re prioritizing.

If you would like to see some of these concepts demonstrated you can watch the full video here
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