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Stress Free Enigma Assembly

Standard Enigma, fixed retention holsters only.

This is a relaxing, stress-free version of the PHLster Enigma assembly video. Special thanks to Andrew Henry of Henry Holsters.

If you are left handed, click here.

Stress Free Adjustable Retention Enigma Assembly

Here’s how to install an adjustable retention holster on the PHLster Enigma.

Stress Free Light Bearing Enigma Assembly

For full leg leash instructions, click here:

Lightbearing Enigma Written Instructions

Enigma Leg Leash Instructions

Standard Enigma Adjustment Instructions

You can download the Adjustment Guide Here.  

Which belt attachment holes should you choose? Adjusting your Enigma is highly body-specific and will take a little dedication. We standby ready to help.

How To Get Better Concealment

A step-by-step overview of the basic steps to concealing a firearm. Learn how to find the best spot on your body, then eliminate printing using the Concealment Mechanics principles.

How To Install the Sport Belt

Here’s how to install, adjust, and wear the Sport Belt with the Standard Enigma.

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