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View instructional videos for your Standard Enigma, as well as general Enigma tips and tricks.


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Enigma - Dress Around Your Life

The Enigma is a concealment system that allows you to conceal in any clothing. The standard Engima does NOT include a holster – it’s the belt, faceplate, and leg leash that attach to your compatible kydex holster. What can you wear with the Enigma? Whatever you want!

Standard: How does it work?

The basics of how the Enigma mounts to your holster and how it works to give you good concealment.

Standard: Why is it made like this?

What do all the pieces do, and why was the Enigma designed this way? Learn why the Enigma is the most rugged, concealable platform out there.

Standard: What you need to set it up

Here’s what you need to know about the standard Enigma before you start your setup. See the stress free Enigma assembly videos for detailed instructions on how to assemble your Enigma.

Standard: How do I use it?

Brief overview of how to use your Enigma.

Stress Free Standard Enigma Assembly - Beginner Friendly

Here’s how to install a fixed retention holster on the PHLster Enigma (Standard). This is a relaxing, stress-free version of the Enigma assembly video. Special thanks to Andrew Henry of Henry Holsters.

For more assembly tips, see the PHLster blog at:

Stress Free Adjustable Retention Enigma Assembly - Beginner Friendly

Here’s how to install an adjustable retention holster on the PHLster Enigma. If this is your first Enigma assembly, we recommend watching the whole thing. Advanced users can use the chapter headings to navigate through the video.

Enigma Leg Leash Instructions

Here’s how to adjust and wear the leg leash on your Enigma, Enigma Express, or Light Bearing Enigma. Learn the best way to adjust it for your body, and the alternate routing methods that can help you get a comfortable fit.

Original Quick Release Buckle - Enigma Leg Leash Adjustment

If you have the previous generation leg leash with the quick-release buckle, here’s how to adjust your Enigma leg leash for correct function and maximum comfort.

Appendix Carry Comfort

How do you sit or bend while carrying a gun on the front of your body in the appendix position? What if you have a gut? Here’s how to find the most comfortable spot on your body, and how to make sure you have full mobility.

How To Make a Custom Holster Wedge - Tutorial

Here’s how to make a custom holster wedge or pad to fit your body. This video covers how to tell if you need a wedge, how to tell what shape it should be, how to make your own wedge from a yoga block, and how to evaluate your concealment for best results.

Your Concealment Context - Concealed Carry in Scrubs Pt 1

In Part 1, we cover how to decide if carrying a gun is the right choice, how to weigh the consequences of carrying a gun at work, and how to determine how much concealment you need to avoid a negative outcome.

Carry Position, Concealment Features, Comfort - Concealed Carry in Scrubs Pt 2

Part 2 covers how to find the best place on your body for appendix carry comfort and concealment. How do you sit? Find out how to position your holster so you have a full range of motion. We’ll also cover what causes printing, how concealment features like wings and wedges work (and how to tell what you need), how to find your “sweet spot” for optimum concealment, and how to use your body’s natural shapes to your advantage.

Visual and Social Camouflage -Concealed Carry in Scrubs Pt 3

No setup is ever 100% invisible, so in Part 3 we cover tips, techniques, and best practices for avoiding detection at work. We start with basic visual camouflage principles, and move into how to use perception and social dynamics to improve your concealment, and we also cover how to handle physical contact like bumps and hugs.

“Poke and Check” Method for Adjusting the PHLster Enigma

For the PHLster Enigma and Light Bearing Enigma.

Enigma: the World’s First Concealment Chassis

ENIGMA - How To Completely Re-Thread the Leg Leash

Here’s how to completely remove and reinstall your Enigma leg leash. This video is for all Enigma types – Express, Standard, and Light Bearing.

Use this if you’ve taken your leg leash apart, or if you would like to replace the material with something else, such as coreless paracord. Also see the Non-Slip Routing video here if using a different leg leash material:

Enigma Sport Belt Sizing

The Enigma Sport Belt improves comfort and concealment. Before ordering, measure your body carefully to make sure you choose the correct size.

Enigma Sport Belt Instructions

Here’s how to install and adjust your Enigma Sport Belt. The Sport Belt is an optional accessory that most people find increases the comfort and concealment of the system. You can purchase the Sport Belt here:

ENIGMA - Non-Slip Routing Method for Leg Leash

Here’s an alternate way to route your Enigma leg leash. This helps if you have trouble with the leg leash loosening throughout the day, or if you’ve replaced your leg leash material with something that slides through the buckle.

This video is for all Enigma types – Express, Standard, and Light Bearing.