Discussing Concealment with Varg Freeborn

Today, I’m discussing the why’s and how’s of concealment with Varg Freeborn of One Life Defense. I strongly encourage you to visit and sign up for Varg’s classes. Also, visit… and subscribe to get more content like this.
TacMed Solutions has made a change to their excellent SOFTT Wide Tourniquet. They changed the buckle which makes it slightly more difficult to fold flat than the previous version. If you have the new model, here are some handy instructions for flat-folding for use with your Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier.
PHLster TuckStrut and Classic Holster by Matt on June 6, 2017 in EDC, Guns PHLster released details today for two products that they have been teasing for weeks – the TuckStrut and full size Classic Holster. For the whole article Click here…

The TuckStrut

Partnering with my good friend and colleague, Andrew Henry of Henry Holsters, we’ve developed our first OEM hardware solution for our holsters and for other makers. The TuckStrut is an ambidextrous, reinforced tuckable strut with an integral wing to angle the gun grip inward. Symmetrical and slotted, the strut can swap from right handed to