Primary and Secondary – PHLster Flatpack Rundown

PHLster Flatpack Rundown In 2015, PHLster was approached by some individual Philadelphia PD plain-clothes officers (independent of the department, seeking custom work) to develop a solution for the pocket carry of their department-issued SOFTT-Wide tourniquets. The criteria for the device was that it should add no substantial additional bulk to the profile of a flat-folded tourniquet, keep […]

Jerking The Trigger – PHLster TuckStrut and Classic Holster

PHLster TuckStrut and Classic Holster by Matt on June 6, 2017 in EDC, Guns PHLster released details today for two products that they have been teasing for weeks – the TuckStrut and full size Classic Holster. For the whole article Click here…

Jerking The Trigger – PHLster Glock Skeleton Holster Updated

PHLster Glock Skeleton Holster Updated by Matt on March 15, 2017 in EDC, Guns Typically when you see terms like faster, better, or cleaner, you can expect the new few words to tell you it’s also more expensive. That isn’t the case with the new PHLster Skeleton Holster. The Philly Kydex Guru has improved the definition, streamlined the production, and tossed a bit […]

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