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PHLster Holsters Announces Partnership with World Champion Julie Golob

PHLster LLC, is proud to announce its partnership with professional shooter and IPSC World Champion Julie Golob. One of the most accomplished female shooters in the world, Golob’s impact on the firearms industry goes beyond her more than 50 world and national titles. 

Soldier Systems | Introducing ARC WML Enhanced Switches Bypass PHLster

For years, serious shooters have been executing DIY modifications to their WML switches. Using JB Weld, putty, or epoxy, shooters have been improving their speed and consistency of WML activation by building up the small switch nubs on their lights. Drawing on those years of end-user experience, PHLster is excited to announce the launch of […]

Jerking The Trigger | PHLster ARC Enhanced WML Switches

Author: MattDate: June 8, 2019 Remember the old the days of building up the switch on your Surefire X-series weapon light with JB Weld to make it easier and more consistent to access? There is now a better way thanks to the PHLster and the new ARC Enhanced WML Switches. Click here to continue reading […]

Breach-Bang-Clear | PHLster: Phenomenal Philadelphia EDC Gear

Author: Breach-Bang-Clear StaffDate: June 14, 2019 PHLster was once known for a couple of very nice holster designs. Now it’s known for several nice holster designs and a number of different EDC doohickeys and upgrades as well! Click here to continue reading this article.

The Firearm Blog | PHLster ARC Enhanced Switches for SureFire Weapon Lights

Author: Hrachya H If you have ever been looking for online instructions for making your own Kydex holsters, chances are high that you came across the YouTube videos published on the PHLster Holsters channel called Philly EDC. The main products of PHLster Holsters have been the holsters and pouches up until recently when they came up with the ARC enhanced switches for Surefire weapon lights. The […]

GUNS.COM | PHLster Launches Floodlight Holster For Light Equipped Pistols

Author: Jacki Billings Date: November 27, 2018 Holster maker Phlster introduces a new holster, the Floodlight, created to offer gun owners a means to safely carry a light equipped handgun. The holster is crafted to accept almost any service-grade handgun with X3000 A or B weapon light, according to the company. The ambidextrous holster sports adjustable retention settings […]

RECOIL | The New PHLster Floodlight Holster – One Holster To Rule Them All

Author: Patrick Roberts Date: November 20, 2018 The new PHLster Floodlight holster was quietly announced on the PHLster Instagram page yesterday. The new ambidextrous holster should give legally armed concealed carriers close to the same feel as the highly regarded Spotlight holster with the ability to run dozens of different firearms. So how did Jon and Andrew of Henry Holsters design a holster […]

Seatbelt Placement With AIWB Carry

A quick overview of automotive seatbelt placement relative to AIWB carry. In this video, we go over the function and purpose of SRS seatbelts, how they interact with the body, and how you should position the belt relative to your pistol.

Forged | Jon Hauptman on Creativity as a Discipline

Matt Landfair talks to Jon Hauptman of PHLSTER Holsters about how creativity is a discipline. Our Patreon can be found here: Primary & Secondary: YouTube: Website: Facebook:

Forged | Jon Hauptman On Thinking Inside The Box

Matt Landfair talks to Jon Hauptman of PHLSTER Holsters and discusses his methods of developing a product. Our Patreon can be found here: Primary & Secondary: YouTube: Website: Facebook: