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Enigma Express vs Standard Enigma – Which is Better?

Short answer, if we make an Express for your gun, you should probably get the Express. While the Express and the Standard have similar performance, the Express is easier to use and more streamlined. For more details and special considerations, watch this video, or scroll down to read more. Enigma Express: The Enigma Express is […]

How To Find a Compatible Holster – Light Bearing Enigma

The easiest way to find a compatible shell is to check with each of the recommended brands linked below. Our recommended brands have a good variety of gun/light choices, and are known to work with the Enigma.

Enigma Safety -MUST READ

There are some important safety considerations when using your PHLster Enigma, Light Bearing Enigma, or Enigma Express. Please read this section thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions. Do not modify, drill, sand, or cut your Enigma faceplate in any way. Modification voids your warranty, weakens the materials, and can compromise the structure […]

Appendix Carry for Big Guys – Abdominal Fat Distribution

I see a lot of bigger guys struggle with appendix carry pistol placement when trying to accomplish comfort and concealment. I’ve made this abstract, generalized model to help explain what’s going on, and how to solve it.

How To Make a Paracord Leg Leash

There are countless ways to customize the Enigma and make it your own. One of the most popular is the paracord leg leash. This mod allows you to create custom leg leashes in any length, and in any color of the rainbow. Update – If you’re using the new leg leash buckle, no extra hardware […]

Fixed Retention Kit Instructions

Your holster needs to lock up firmly to the Enigma faceplate, without rotating. If your holster has adjustable retention, it can be difficult to get the Enigma faceplate tight enough without over-tightening your retention.  The fixed retention kit fixes this problem (buy here). Bad. Good. How adjustable retention works An adjustable retention holster is shaped like […]